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The magic washing machine | Hans Rosling

I was only four years old when I saw my mother load a washing machine for the very first time in her life. That was a great day for my mother. My mother and father had been saving money for years to be able to buy that machine, and the first day it was going…

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Slot Machines – How to Win and How They Work

Steve: Hi, and welcome to our instructional video on how to win on slot machines. My name is Steve Bourie, and I am the author of the “American Casino Guide,” which is the number one best-selling book in the U.S. on the subject of casino gambling and travel. I write a lot about slot machines,…

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Pink Panther Gets Into Mischief! | 35 Minutes of His Most Chaotic Capers

(Pink Panther Theme) ♪ ♪ (horns honk) (motor whirs) (motor sputters) (motor whirs) (motor meows and hisses) (motor sputters) (whistle blows) (motor whirs) (motor sputters) (coughs) (growls) (sirens blare) (motor sputters, whirs) (motor sputters, stops) (ignition stalls) (horns honk angrily) (sirens blare) HMM. (whistle blows furiously) (coughs) (sirens wail) (grumbles) (sigh) (bang, horse neighs) (bangs,…

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