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Maggie Magic Holiday Trip Story for Kids from Steve and Maggie | Speaking Wow English TV

Yeah! Oh, oh no. Don’t be late! Don’t be late! Oh! He-hello boys and girls! Look. I’m riding a bike! Yeah! And what colour is my bike? That’s right! It’s yellow! I’m going to the airport to catch a plane, whoa, with Maggie. I don’t want to be late. Hey, say with me. What is…

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Maggie Magic for Kids | Stories for Children with Steve and Maggie | Learn English Wow English TV

Bye bye Steve. See you. Haha. Oh, hello boys and girls. Hi. Maggie’s gone out and I am relaxing on the sofa. Oh, I am so sleepy. Oh no, help! Oh no. I am in the sofa. Oh, hey. Look! It’s my hand. My hand. Hey. If you can see my hand, say: It’s a…

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