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Magic Arena – Watch this before opening your new packs – Wild Card Upgrade Trick

Good News Everyone, Mr. Page here with a great tip on how to spend your wild cards! If you’re anything like me you have found yourself running low on rare wild cards but are swimming in more common and uncommon wild cards then you know what to do with. The trick relies on how the…

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Opening Secret Lair OMG Kitties – Is this a mistake??? | Magic the Gathering | Pixie Kitten Plays

Hey everyone! Today I’m opening OMG Kitties Secret Lair! Super excited for this Let’s just open it up and see what’s in here! Okay let’s find out what’s in here Oh my gosh!!!!!! This video brought to you by Cardsphere Click their link in the description below

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Magic the Gathering Comedy Sketch Compilation 2019 Pt. 3 | Pixie Kitten Plays

all right yes okay let’s do this we are so ready go team vampires all right wait nobody plays vampires why are there so many ley lines oh my god a fire kitty what does it deal with his protection stuff holy fireball Chandra my Dark Lord sir you standards so great right now I…

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A Review of 2019: My First Year Streaming | Magic the Gathering | Pixie Kitten Plays

hi everyone I’m pixie kitten and this is a video I have put together to celebrate my first year of streaming I started streaming in July of this year 2019 and it’s been really great I started streaming on YouTube I’ve since moved over to twitch but it’s been so much fun I’ve been a…

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[Magic Arena] Giant Monsters Expected Value – Is it worth playing?!?

Giant Monsters Good News everyone, Mr. Page here and today we are going to take a look at the expected value of the newest temporary event on Magic Arena, Giant Monsters. Spoiler alert, things are looking good for the players. Giant Monsters cost 250 gold to join and will award you prize gold and cards…

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Cuneo’s Izzet Wizards | War of the Spark Deck Guide [Magic Arena]

Welcome to today’s MTG Arena deck guide, showcasing Cuneo’s Izzet Wizards!

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Playing MORE Brawl on Arena with Sephara, Vilis & Korvold | Magic the Gathering | Pixie Kitten Plays

hello I’m here it’s not dead air it’s just a preview screen hey baltan look at those emojis hey Mohammed how are you all doing tonight I’m doing just fine um I’m actually kind of tired because I stayed up till like 11 o’clock last night because I went to see cats so it was…

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I played Oko’s Madness for 3 hours straight | Magic the Gathering Arena | Pixie Kitten Plays

hello there everyone I am I think I’m live let me just send out a little tweet hey there trick I guess I hear live it’s working hi Ursa how’s it going tonight everybody um I’m here to play some alko’s madness I’ve got my elk they’re not ears and they’re not horns um they…

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Trying to get your significant other to play Magic the Gathering | Pixie Kitten Plays

Hey Do you wanna… Play Magic? Ugh, I’ve got an awful headache. I just, I’m not really feeling it. Hey Are you in the mood for some… Arena direct challenge? Ugh! I’ve been staring at this screen so long, I’ve got a really bad headache. Are you doing anything Thursday night? I was just gonna…

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Magic the Gathering Comedy Sketch Compilation 2019 Pt. 1 | Pixie Kitten Plays

gotta find the Orzhov preview cards what oh my god anything that’s not black or white is going to charity yes I’d like to get this tattoo hey guys what do what I do today I don’t know the same thing we do every day so buff each other up and become unblockable yep let’s…

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