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Steve wins £5,000 on Magic’s Mystery Voices with Sky!

Yes! We could be giving away a share of a quarter of a million pounds right now on Magic, if Steve in London can identify Magic’s mystery voices. Good morning Steve, how are you? ‘I’m very well thank you, how about yourselves?’ We’re good, we’re good. What’s happening with you this morning? ‘I just got…

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Andrew Garfield plays Magic’s Mystery Sound | Magic Breakfast

Harriet: Right, you could win £10,000 if you guess it. Andrew: I was listening this morning to this. Harriet: Oh were you? Andrew: But I haven’t heard the sound, I heard a couple of guesses. Harriet: Well have a listen. Ok, this is Magic’s Mystery Sound. Andrew: No one’s ever going to get that! Ronan:…

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Can Carol Vorderman guess Magic’s Mystery Sound?

Ronan: Magic has the Magic’s Mystery Sound, Carol Carol: Oh yes, oh I’m good at these things. (I’m so not!) Ronan: Well believe me the rest of the nation isn’t either because nobody’s got it right yet! * mystery sound * Carol: That’s a gas… and it is… uh… it’s almost like somebody’s stirring a…

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The Corrs play Magic’s Mystery Sound | Magic Breakfast

Ronan: We’ve got Magic’s Mystery Sound and nobody has guessed it. If you can tell us what it is, it’s £10,000. [Magic’s Mystery Sound plays] Andrea: Sorry, I thought that was you moving against your mic! Ronan: Well… maybe! Andrea: Is it a slowed down roar or something? Caroline: Something backwards? Andrea: Is it some…

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Mrs Brown takes a Magic Mystery Sound guess | Magic Breakfast

*Magic’s Mystery Sound plays* Brendan O’Carroll: I know exactly what that is… It’s think it’s a bullfrog opening his fly. Would I be right? Am I right? Ronan: Well, let’s see! We don’t know. * Listen, we need to talk. It’s just not working out. It’s not you, it’s me… actually, no. It IS you….

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Richard Allison talks to Emily Blunt * Full Interview * | Magic Radio

Richard: I’m Richard Allinson, welcome to Magic Drivetime – with pictures today! And Emily Blunt, who is with us to talk about stuff. Well, welcome home first of all! Emily: Well thank you. Richard: Are you an American citizen now? Emily: I am, yes and I live in Brooklyn. We bought the kids with us….

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Liam Payne Answers Revealing Fan Questions! | Magic Chilled

Louise: Now we have a couple of quick fire fan questions for you. Liam: Go for it. Fire away. Louise: Lauren has asked, “Have you co-written with any of the other 1D boys for your album, songs or any of their albums or songs? Liam: I haven’t, but there’s one record that I have that…

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