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Four-Handed Illusions: Boston’s Intimate Evening of Magic and Comedy

“Four-Handed Illusions” has been running for two years and quickly became one of Boston’s highest rated entertainment events. It happens at the Hampshire House, a historic mansion in the heart of Boston’s famous Beacon Hill. The show is limited to 50 guests, an extremely intimate setting. Guests arrive, are treated to light hors d’oeuvres, there’s…

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The magician has something dangerous in store for us, using this large circular contraption. No it’s not an industrial washing machine or an overgrown donut. It’s actually a torture device with a potentially lethal twist. You can see that a table bisects the contraption. There’s nothing above or below as a magician is willing to…

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Magic Trick #5 App Review

Hello again to all my viewers out there on YouTube and welcome back. Today we do an app review on Magic Trick #5. As you can see when we open the app there are three buttons that appear: “Start Trick”, “Watch Tutorial”, and “More Apps”. Upon pressing “Start Trick”, the card values Ace to King…

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The Flying Ring magic trick

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I Am Going to Read Your Mind – Disney Characters (Magic Trick)

hey everyone my name is Quan and I am a magician today’s trick is going to be a little bit different because instead of having me to do the magic I’m actually gonna have you do the magic if you follow my directions carefully because we’re going to make that magic happen right through your…

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Marvin’s Magic iMagic: Box of Tricks and Marvin Magic iMagic at Toy Fair 2015 | Beau’s Toy Farm

Today on PART TWO of Toy Fair 2015 my show is MAGIC! In a moment… Magic’s master showman, Andy Reay, shows me some amazing tricks at Marvin’s Magic stand Marvin himself tells me the ‘iMagic’ secret! Shhhh! It’s the latest thing! It isn’t even in the shops until Autumn. Time for a bit of magic,…

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Joseon Magician trailer hunsub

Érkezik a hercegnő! MULLANGRU Uiju büszkesége! Csoszun legtehetségesebb embere! A mágus, Hwan-hee! Köszöntsék őt! CSOSZUN LEGJOBB VARÁZsLÓJA HWAN HEE Yoo Seung Hoo CHEONG MYUNG Go Ah Ra GWI MOL Kwak Dok Won KETTEJÜK SORSA ÖSSZEFONÓDIK A MÁGUS Fordította: Hayako

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For centuries magicians have been making audiences believe that they have mastered the art of levitation. Tonight The Masked Magician proves yet again that it’s all one big trick. His beautiful lady is all dressed up but she’s got nowhere to go. he wants her right where she is, on this ordinary wooden plank. She…

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The flying playing card – Julien Magic

Hi this is Julien Magic in Venice Beach ,California Today i will do the flying playing card! check it out So do you want to see something Totally amazing? This is ace of spades ,the best card in the deck… I have trained my card ,so if i do this its gonna rise! oh My…

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