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How to Do Vanishing Rubber Band Trick | Magic Tricks

A: This is actually pretty interesting. If I take a rubber band, right? Watch. One. Two. Three. It disappears. B: Where did it go? A: Rubber band heaven. There are always rubber bands lying around the office, so this should be really, really easy for you guys to do on the fly. Basically, what you…

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How to Do the Magnetic Pen Cap Trick | Magic Tricks

A: Hey, Heather. Do you have a pen I could borrow? Heather: Yep. A: Cool. This is a very, very, mysterious fact, actually. You can rub the pen cap on your jeans, and watch: you can make it almost magnetic. Watch. Let me see if I can do this. Pull it back. Look, it attracts….

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How to Do the Floating Coffee Cup Trick | Magic Tricks

[music] Male 1: Hey, Heather, could I borrow your coffee, actually? Heather: Sure. Male 1: OK. Cool. This is pretty interesting. I don’t know if I could pull it off though, but watching. All right. Whoa … [SS] … Heather: [laughs] Male 1: Try it one more time. Heather: Whoa. Male 1: Whoa, whoa. One…

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How to Move a Pen with Your Mind | Magic Tricks

Rogue: Heather, can I borrow your pen? Heather: What pen? Rogue: The imaginary pen on your ear. Heather: Oh, this pen. Rogue: Yeah. All right, a quick demonstration, if you will, of static electricity. Heather: [LAUGHS] Rogue: Is that great? Heather: Yeah. Rogue: Static electricity, goes a long way. Heather: Whoa. Rogue: Okay. Here’s the…

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How to Do the Blank Deck Card Trick | Magic Tricks

Rogue: Hey Heather. Heather: Hi. Rogue: I’m going to show you something. Why don’t you readily pick a card, have here. All the pips have gone, totally disappeared. If you can do a little bit of magic for me actually Heather. All I wanted to do is snap your fingers over the deck, just like…

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How to Break & Restore a Credit Card | Magic Tricks

Roger “Rogue” Quan: Hey, Heather. Do you have a credit card I could borrow? I’ll give it right back, actually. After I go shopping. Heather: What will you do with it? Roger: Wow, Chase. Nice. Watch. Here you go. You almost got a heart attack there. We call that broken and restored credit. Heather: That…

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How to Do the Amazing Math Card Trick | Magic Tricks

Roger “Rogue” Quan: Hey Heather, how about a card trick? Heather: Cool. Roger: I just need a number between, I guess 10 and 20. Any number you want. Heather: 18. Roger: 18. Do you want to change your mind? Heather: No. Roger: No. We’ll deal out 18 cards, alright? One, two, three, four, five, six,…

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How to Do the Linking Rubber Band Trick | Magic Tricks

Male: Hi Heather. Heather: Hi. Male: I have some rubber bands, I want you to look, make sure it’s normal. Heather: Normal. Male: That one’s good too, it’s good to go. All right, it’s two different colors, right? Heather: Mm-hm. Male: OK. Now, Heather, this is interesting. I want you to pinch this one, and…

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How to Do the Jumping Rubber Band Trick | Magic Tricks

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How to Escape from Rubber Band Cuffs | Magic Tricks

Male 1: Hey Heather, how are you today? Heather: Good. Male 1: So really, really quick I got some rubber bands right here. All I want you to do is examine that and make sure it’s normal. Are there any trap doors? Battery compartments or holes? Heather: No. Male 1: (?) drink. There’s a hole…

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