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SF Documentary Devil’s Magic

Yes Sir, We will be reaching by tomorrow Witchcraft is a skill where one witch or devil can eat agash (acquire its soul), pofosh (organs like liver, lungs etc in local language) of any living creature (even tree) without its knowledge using his/her learned spell Lakshman did not eat anything during their stay in forest…

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2rbina 2rista – MAGIC!

If I were a magician, I would go as mad as a dog Hogwarts would be closed for the overnorm of defects I would get rid of the need and rags That’s this very feeling when you are casting money I would call myself absolutely humbly – a genius! I would start a pompous generational…

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Black Magic Trick

*door opening* I’m Poppy. Who wants a black magic trick? Pick a card, any card. *electronic bell sound* (Male voice-over) Your card is the six of hearts. Is this your card? You win a piñata!

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For centuries magicians have been making audiences believe that they have mastered the art of levitation. Tonight The Masked Magician proves yet again that it’s all one big trick. His beautiful lady is all dressed up but she’s got nowhere to go. he wants her right where she is, on this ordinary wooden plank. She…

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To start things off tonight the magician is going to face the razor-sharp surgical steel teeth of this industrial buzz saw. As he is soon find out the saw blade is real and the teeth are incredibly sharp. Ouch! That’s gonna leave a mark. The magician sets the blade in motion and commands it to…

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Exploding bubbles turn to balls magic trick

hey I’m you you you

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For his next illusion the magician will employ this curious looking device that has a long plunger on one end. Resting on a thin table this large box is shown to be completely empty. Both the front and back sides are open so we can see everything. The magician calls in one of his beautiful…

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Kismet magic – Card to wallet and cellphone

Hello, how are you? “hello” I´m Kismet magician did we met before? did this has been planned in some way? “no” Can I do a trick for you? “yes” So, the trick begins with each of you choosing a card It can be any card on the deck ready? “yes” Here I have some cards…

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