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Surprising People with real-life illusions and magic tricks.

– So a lot of people around the world right now are at home, and I thought it’d be fun to join them on video chat, and pull off a few illusions for ’em. So let’s get into position. All right, let’s go. What’s up? – Hi! – [Woman] Can you say hi? – Hi….

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MAGIC & MYSTERY: Houdini Museum Honors Greatest Magician | My Go-To

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When a Magician Tells You That You’re Pregnant (ft. Megan Batoon) – I S**t You Not

– My name’s Megan Batoon and I shit you not I was dating this guy and we were going through a rough patch so we decided to go to a magic show. The logic. I mean we all like magic right? Okay, I think before we start I need to tell you that I hate…

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जादू सीखें। জাদুর কলসের জাদু শিখুন । Water magic Trick revealed 2018 । bd magic box

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Nate Pencilmate’s Magic Show Gone So Wrong | Animated Cartoons Characters | Pencilmation Magic

Nate Pencilmate’s Magic Show

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Magic Tricks in India | Easy Magic Trick Latest Video 2020

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Magic Monday: Anna DeGuzman

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A Scary Magic Trick For Dummies (Interactive Magic Trick)

Hello My name is Reginald Today is my 85th……. LOOK AT ME WHEN I’M TALKING TO YOU! “Cough”…….Hello My name is Reginald Today is my 85th Birthday And I have all my friends here to play. Come and say hello Lucy “EVIL LAUGH” As it’s my Birthday……. IT’S MY BIRTHDAY As it’s my Birthday I…

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10 Best Magic Tricks Revealed By Magicians Like David Blaine

best magic tricks revealed by magicians like David Blaine if you love everything about magic and are always impressing your friends with cool coin tricks card tricks and magic tricks you’ve come to the right place this video will show you some cool tips and tricks to figure out how the biggest magic tricks are…

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Magic For Humans – Solving A Rubik’s Cube With The Mouth by Justin Tillman

instead of just solving it kind of like a normal person would yeah which if you can is typically with with the hands right kind of solve with her hands I often wonder how would someone solve a Rubik’s Cube if they had no hands okay okay okay I’m not you know I can’t even…

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