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Let’s play the Amonkhet Booster Box Game for Magic: The Gathering! (launch)

(theme music plays) It’s Saturday, April 29th. Let’s play the Booster Box Game! Box number 1: Can we get $100? How does this game work? I’m about to break open a box of Amonkhet within 24 hours of launch and see if I can get $100 in rares, mythics, and foils, which is what I…

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A Review of GEM Playmats for Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon, and other Tabletop Games

When it comes to gaming mats for Magic: the Gathering, Pokemon, and many other games, often times, the significant difference is really just the quality of printing in regards to the art on the surface of the mat itself. This is because play mats are almost entirely following the same formula: that of a rubber,…

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MTG – 5 Magic: The Gathering Life Hacks To Buying Products And Accessories For New Players!

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What Is The Best Deck Box For Magic: The Gathering? Compare & Contrast: Ultra PRO MTG

When it comes to deck boxes for Magic The Gathering There’s a surprising diversity of choice. Many different companies make many different kinds of deck box. But by far the largest producer of these is Ultra Pro. I’d like to examine only Ultra Pro deck boxes today, with such a wide variety, some are better…

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How to Play Magic: The Gathering : How to Play Cards in Magic The Gathering

Welcome back. I am David Morgan with Gamers Enclave and I am with Jerome. What’s up guys? In this segment, we are going to explain the second main phase in the end of your turn. Combat has already been resolved. First main phase is already done and the second main phase is similar to the…

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MTG – Intermediate Cube Construction – A Guide For Developing Magic: The Gathering Cubes

[TCC intro music] THE PROFESSOR: Intermediate Magic: the Gathering Cube Construction: A guide to better and more affordable Cube development. So you have started to Cube and are now looking for ways to make that Cube better. We’re here to help! There are a lot of different ways to go about building a Cube. This…

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MTG – How To Build Pauper Slivers, A Budget Deck for Magic: The Gathering

So you say you are interested in building a competitive Pauper deck that won’t break your bank account and that combines amazing synergy with aggro swarm? Well then, have I got the deck for you! Pauper Slivers. Pauper Slivers combines tribal synergy with a straightforward aggressive strategy to create a deck that’s hard to answer….

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MTG – Let’s Play The Kaladesh Booster Box Game for Magic The Gathering!

[Music] it’s Saturday October 1st let’s play the booster box game box number one will we get a hundred dollars how does this game work I’m about to bust open a box of calla – within 24 hours of launch and see if I can get $100 in rares and mythix which is what I…

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ASMR Whispered Magic Card Show and Tell

My memory card ran out of space so the video cuts out,sorry!

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MTG – How To Evaluate Magic: The Gathering Cards (Eldritch Moon Preview / Spoiler Card)

Wow, there are sure a lot of Magic: the Gathering cards to choose from. But how do you know which ones to pick? Understanding how to evaluate Magic: the Gathering cards can be a tricky task. There are over 295 Magic: the Gathering cards for you to compare and contrast. So how do you know…

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