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Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths first cosplay REVEALED! | Magic the Gathering | Pixie Kitten Plays

you seem to really enjoy the wild creature types from Ikoria so here’s two more to share is whale wolf and dinosaur cat tokens in dinosaur cat tokens in dinosaur cat tokens this video brought to you by cardsphere click their link in the description below

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Brawl Direct Challenge Stream against chat on Magic the Gathering Arena! | Pixie Kitten Plays

hello hello hello my life no hi everybody I’m there’s just a delay hey everybody what’s going on I’m playing some arena and I have some codes to give away and I’m gonna start out my very first era challenge with magic with zippy hi magic mizuki what’s oh my gosh let’s play a game…

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Why Yu-Gi-Oh Pokemon and Magic the Gathering Cards Are So Popular

– If you grew up in ’90s, you’re probably familiar with collectible trading card games like Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokemon or Magic, The Gathering. You either participated in them yourself or you probably knew somebody else who did, and for good reason. These games have been around for decades and each with great levels of success. Magic,…

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Accessibility in Media & The Absolute State of MTG’s Story [CC]

This video is brought to you by my lovely patrons, and sponsored by ChannelFireball.com. Use code “SPICE” at the checkout whenever you are booking any Grand Prix’s, fanatic packages, or Command zones at CFBevents.com to let them know that I sent you and to help out the channel even more. Also, I have a PO…

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Rookie’s Guide to Magic: The Gathering Slang – Episode 3: Splash

All right, I see what you’re going for. Uh, It’s a pretty good start, just needs a couple tweaks and it’ll be good. I know I need more…Fixing, right? Yeah! I’m just not sure how much or what to cut for it. Well, you’re Green and Blue, with a Red splash, so we could just…

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Magic The Gathering Nasıl Oynanır Türkçe

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Trying out the new Magic the Gathering Assistant Device | IS THIS THING REAL?! | Pixie Kitten Plays

Oh my gosh, it’s finally here! I’m so excited! *Gasp* Oh my gosh! Look at that! Alright, I think I’ve got it set up. Okay, so the command is “Hey Wizzy” “Hello, Pixie Kitten” *Oh my gosh!* “I’m your new Magic the Gathering Assistant” *Okay* “How may I help you?” Hey Wizzy? Where’s the cheapest…

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Magic for Normies Ep 2 – Did you really come back to watch this again?! | Magic the Gathering

doo-doo-doo-doo Magic for normies magic for normies hey everyone I’m pixie kitten and I’m zoobi and we’re back for episode 2 of magic for normies what’s a normie? I had this question a lot after the first episode because apparently this word isn’t like common knowledge. A normie is a casual player so that’s what…

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Playing my janked-down version of Jund Sacrifice on Magic Arena! [explicit] | Pixie Kitten Plays

Oh monoblock sacrifice is so fun though well that’s it that’s this card I’m afraid that will upset you okay I won’t play it then I’m playing Jund ooh I’ll keep this uh-oh yeah we’re keeping it do you like how I’ve got these cats leaves on this deck like as if that makes sense…

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MTG TableTop Brawl #3 | Alela – Gallia – Garruk – Teysa | Multiplayer Gameplay

Hey everyone, it’s Esmond, and I know it’s been a while, but welcome to the next episode of TableTop Brawl. If you enjoy this video, please do consider giving it a like and subscribing to the channel so that I know I should make more of these videos Hi everyone, I’m Esmond, and today I’m…

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