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Magician – Liberty Mutual Insurance Commercial

Ta-da! Did you know Liberty Mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need? Given my unique lifestyle, that’d be perfect! Let me grab a pen and some paper. Know what? I’m gonna switch now. Just need my desk… …my chair ….and my phone. Only pay for what you need.

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Quarantine Magic #5 How To Cheat At Cards

A lot of people ask me if I’m able to cheat at cards I always say no, but I’d love to come over for a casual and unregulated game of poker But, seriously the secret to card cheating is all about control So while it seems like I’m just nonchalantly mixing the cards I’m actually…

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Freaky Card Magic Trick

A quick trick with two cards. The Queen of Clubs and the Four of Diamonds But it could be any cards really I’m gonna do something a little odd with these We’ll take the Four of Diamonds and fold it width-wise and then similarly, take the queen of clubs and fold it lengthwise I’ve always…

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Hello everyone! today we find ourselves for a special review dedicated to ALCATRAZ BOX from Mickael Chatelain See you soon! So the alcatraz Box when you will receive it! you will have a dvd with inside the contents more a pierced box from side to side! plus two small accessories that I will not show…

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Darcy Oake – Magic Trick box escape revealed

In this episode we will reveal a supreent magic made by one of today’s greatest magicians He surprised everyone doing one of the greatest tricks that delighted the audience of the whole world He is the Canadian Darcy Oake finalist of the Britains Got Talent. In this video we will reveal this magic that surprised…

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Magic Review – Jerry’s Nugget Gaff Deck

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Magic Review – CineMental by Nikolas Mavresis

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CP Magic Trick: briskly remove limescale/restore sparkling of water tap – No vinegar/soda/chemicals

Hello, I am Jeff from 50+VLog. Today I will share with you a special method, used to simply and quickly clean home taps and valves. Don’t use white vinegar or edible soda. So use what? Let me show you here, kitchen aluminium foil roll, called tin foil paper as well, a bottle sprayer, with water…

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Magic Review – Insta Square by Martin Lewis

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Create a SEAMLESS LOOP in After Effects (Kevin Parry Inspired)

Hey guys, Yannick here for Cinecom.net, the place where we make effects from movies and music videos easy. Like you all know, we love Zach King and all of his editing magic. He really takes filmmaking to the next level, while making it fun. So occasionally, he blows our mind with his magic. And then,…

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