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Hello Brigitte! Do you know why I have three cards on the carpet? it’s normal! Do you know, the bonnet game? Yes! How many cards are played? I think 4 cards! 3 cards made! that’s why I have three cards here! Do you know the principle? Yes a bit! What is the principle for you?…

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EVEN BETTER Cutting Headphones in Half Trick | Trolls presents JUNK DRAWER MAGIC

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Magic Trick – Levitating My Car

Okay, I’m going to levitate my car and there are no special fx used in this. Just watch…

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Little Big Illusion (Themis Magic World #8)

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Cosentino Magic Kit Box Set

Hello Cosentino the grand illusion here, I’ve waited a long time to be able to share some of magics greatest secrets with you and I’m so excited to be able to give you the master illusion magic kit. containing the tools to perform over 100 tricks And illusions like the one you just saw. This…

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Learn how to perform BETTER magic from DAVID WILLIAMSON!

– What is going on– Mr. Williamson? – What’s up? Ow. You got quite a grip there. – I’ve been working out, have you not noticed? – I did not notice that, no. – It’s probably because– – Until you squeezed my hand. – So. (laughing) We are here with the very talented, – Don’t…

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Magical Mom Learns a Magic Trick… and It Works!

For Christmas I taught my mom a magic trick and she became a magician proved by this… I’m a magician! Check it out after this. “Me and the magic man went for a long drive.” Magic with Mom…Yeah! I could have used that paper again. Stop magic…stop light Amazing and easy to learn Open up…

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Performing Close Up Magic Surrounded By 10,000! Magic: Impossible!

Oh look, a message… Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to perform close-up magic for 20,000 eyeballs completely surrounded and to get a reaction like this… This message will self-destruct And I need your help Subscribe to the channel, and like this video, let’s go! “Me and the Magic Man went for…

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Coke Balance (Themis Magic World #7)

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REVEALED – Rob Lake: Magician – All details

In this presentation we will see the brilliant performance of the talented Rob Lake There is a kind of x-ray machine on the platform We see nothing there just the image of a skeleton But this machine is really fabulous. She makes people appear in a touch of magic. You might be wondering where did…

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