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5 Amazing Magic Tricks You Won’t Believe At The First Glance

A rubber band trick… :3

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How To Make A Hole Disappear Magic Trick

I’m glad you came and even turn on the subtitles for this video=)) Anyways!! Enjoy.

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Easy Magic Trick That You Can Do – Rubik’s Cube Magic Tricks #5

Rubik is magic!!!

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Unbelievable Magic Trick That You Can Do

Welcome!! Hope you enjoy!! Ok, to do this trick, you are going to need Two cards A scissor Two-faced tape ANDDD… A computer screen Alright!! Here we go.

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5 Simple and Fun Magic Tricks and Challenges

Impress them with magic, beat them with challenges!! (you may lose btw)

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5 Super Awesome Magic Tricks You Can Do

My finger eat my finger…

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4 Crazy Magic Tricks You Can Do At Home


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5 Insane Magic Tricks You Can Do Whenever You Want

Imagination, you are going to need it in this video.

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How to MAGICALLY CHANGE a Playing Card! – Magic Trick tutorial

(relaxing jazz music) (upbeat rock music) – What is up, guys? Alex Boyer here and today you’re going to learn something super amazing. Actually, by my good friend- – (screams) – Seb Parent. By the way, my friend Seb just started his YouTube channel so please guys, show him some love and subscribe to his…

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Funny And Easy Magic Trick You Can Do Now

Don’t mind my armpit in the next 23 senconds Thank you!!

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