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Magic Tricks Revealed – Studio C

♪♪ – Hey, guys! It’s Jetta from Studio C. Here is a sketch that was cut for time that I wrote, and I hope you enjoy! Enjoy the magic… – Greetings, fans of magic! It’s Jo– It’s Josh. I received sad news today. I learned that I was not accepted into the Jeffers Institute of…

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Coin Magic Tricks – Coin Disappearing Trick – Magic Tricks for Kids

For Order or info: Whatsapp 03126999002

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3D ILLUSIONS That Will TRICK Your Eyes!

3d illusion that will trick your very eyes sorry I got into it I’m not tricked yet yeah this is two-dimensional oh no no no I think it’s an underground tunnel in the highways on top got some wily coyote going on here Looney Tunes can you draw this well I cannot draw even a…

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Surprising People with real-life illusions and magic tricks.

– So a lot of people around the world right now are at home, and I thought it’d be fun to join them on video chat, and pull off a few illusions for ’em. So let’s get into position. All right, let’s go. What’s up? – Hi! – [Woman] Can you say hi? – Hi….

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REMEDIES Playing Cards / MAD Transposition Tutorial

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Parlour Tricks by Morgan & West | Full Trailer

– Hello, my name is Rhys Morgan. – I’m Robert West. – Together we are Morgan & West. – Magicians. – Time-travellers. – And all round spiffing chaps here to tell you, the good people of the internet, all about our brand new book. – [Both] “Parlour Tricks.” (dramatic music) – It’s a book that’s…

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MAGIC & MYSTERY: Houdini Museum Honors Greatest Magician | My Go-To

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خدعة و الأعين مغمضة blind magic card trick

magicians depend on their sense of vision or they can see things quickly because they have fast eyes impossible but there are people say things like this And to remove this rumor I will remove a sense from my senses By this handkerchief ofcours I will not root out my eyes and i wish to…

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Beat Anyone at Poker || Learn a Trick Used by Penn &Teller on Seth Myers

Thank God Then choices they’re all yours. Hi. I’m John Bannon, and we’re going to talk about power of poker So here’s what happens. You have a prediction that you’ve written They don’t know that yet but a student playing site you have ten cards when you tell the spectators they get to make every…

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Magic King – Dance of colors

oil color

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