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Magic Trick Man Tutorial

hello today we are going to learn how to use the Magic Trick Man app but first we will see a performance video. for this magic I need you to take any card that you want show it to the camera put it here and now look I will open my app and as you…

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5 Amazing Magic Tricks You Won’t Believe At The First Glance

A rubber band trick… :3

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Incredible Candle Magic Trick – Backward Picnic

In today’s episode I will show you how to teleport fire. You will need a glass, three candles and a lighter. You can repeat this as many times as you like. And of course the spectators can examine the glass and the candles. But they cannot examine the video…

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Phantom Towel Trick (Favorite Trick Revealed) | JUNK DRAWER MAGIC

– Hello and welcome to Junk Drawer Magic. – Where we teach you magic out of things you can find in your junk drawer. – And I help too. – Ahh! Where were you hiding? – In the pantry. I ate all your cereal. – Oh man! – Anyway, today we’re showing you the phantom…

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Psychic Dice Trick | JUNK DRAWER MAGIC

– Hello, and welcome to “Junk Drawer Magic,” where we teach you magic out of things you can find in your junk drawer. – And today, we meet at the inn, where Scuz, a lonely innkeeper, greets you. (fantasy music) Good day, Akira miss, Wizard of the Swampfolk. – I’m not playing DnD with you,…

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Magic spielen lernen – Basics Grundregeln – Das Magic: The Gathering Tutorial auf deutsch

Wie spielt man eigentlich “Magic: the Gathering”? “Magic: the Gathering” – oder kurz “MtG” – ist ein Strategie- und Sammelkartenspiel von ‘Wizards of the Coast’, welches quasi überall auf der Welt seit über 23 Jahren von einer ständig wachsenden Spieler-Community gespielt und in vielen Foren thematisiert wird. Auch heute noch kommen in regelmäßigen Abständen neue…

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5 Simple and Fun Magic Tricks and Challenges

Impress them with magic, beat them with challenges!! (you may lose btw)

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Akira and Walker UNMASK the Headless Magician! | JUNK DRAWER MAGIC

– Walker? (playful woodwind instruments) Walker? Just great! Walker’s missing, and I’m pretty sure the Headless Magician took him. (whooshing) (laughs) Walker? (opening lid) (laughing) (laughing) How did you get in there? – The Headless Magician. He stole our tricks. But I stole something of his. There aren’t any clues as to who it might…

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The Headless Magician ATTACKS Akira and Walker! | JUNK DRAWER MAGIC

– Akira, why are all the lights out? – [Akira] Walker, remember when you said you wanted a pet? – Yeah. – [Akira] Well, I got you a rabbit. – Really? Thanks, Akira. – [Akira] You bet! Just one catch. It’s a ghost rabbit! (dramatic orchestral music) (rabbit screeches) (Walker screams) (Akira laughs) – Why…

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(blinds clacking together) – Yo yo yo guys, what’s going on, Alex Pendrea here, back with another video. In this video, we have a few things going on, we have a few updates that I want to make you aware of, but also at the end of this video, I’m gonna show you a piece…

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