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Magic for Humans: Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

[man] Have you ever had to block  anyone online? [both women] Yes. -Wish you could block them in real life? -[laughing] For sure. That’s what this is for. I’ll show you. Watch. Blocked! Right? Sometimes, though, blocking them isn’t enough. If the person’s super annoying, you have to… delete them. [laughing] No. I’m magician Justin…

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Chotu faltu jadugar खानदेश का छोटू फालतू जादूगर Khandesh hindi comedy

Hey!!! are you the useless Magician? Why? What happen brother? huh! it’s you? isn’t it? Yes, it’s me? why??? Please teach me magic tricks. Hey! get lost have you ever previously done any magic tricks ? Yes I have done many magic tricks, in my childhood. hey! I would quietly grab people’s purses …and vanish…

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Shin Lim Makes Pieces of a Card Disappear and Reappear for Jimmy and Questlove

-We are joined right now by an incredible young magician. He is a two-time winner of “America’s Got Talent.” And now he has his own Las Vegas residency at the mirage called “Limitless.” Give it up for Shin Lim! [ Cheers and applause ] -Thank you. Thank you. Alright, Quest, do you mind helping me…

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How to Do Rope Magic Tricks : Learn More Rope Magic

Hi everybody, let me give you some more information about where to learn more about rope magic. Now, there are a bunch of really good videos out there. If you are dealing with a professional magic supplier you could look for videos by a magician named Daryl who did a lot of stuff on rope…

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Takumi Takahashi (Japan) Semi-Final 1 – VOTING CLOSED | Asia’s Got Talent 2019 on AXN Asia

Okay, I am Takumi Takahashi from Japan and tonight I’m going to perform a card trick for my act. I need an assistant So, please Mista David, could you come up on the stage and be my assistant? It is very nice to meet you and meet you you see there no, I gonna be…

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[♫] Девочки из Эквестрии 3 – Игры Дружбы – Unleash the Magic [Official Russian Dubbing]

I love you more than ever It’s no secret that it ain’t easy for you I left you alone for to long They dropped you out of all my class’s [Shadowbolts] Oh, wuh-oh-wu, oh, oh wuh-oh-wu [Principal Cinch] Now, I understand you have your reservations It’s hard to have a brain as big as yours….

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10 Mind Blowing Optical Illusions

(dramatic music) 10 Mind-Blowing optical illusions Flat third dimension. Nothing appears abnormal about this Rubik’s Cube until you realize it is a two-dimensional image. This illusion is created with a distorted perspective of an image that requires to be viewed at a specific vantage point to create the 3D effect. This is the same method…

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Best Zach King Vine Magic Compilation of all time

Ryan! We got to go! Ryan! There you are. -What are you doing, man? -I’ve been looking for you. It’s perfect. No! No! If you kick a soccer ball just right… You get a puppy! C’mon! Gah! Woah woah WAHHH Innovative suits. Zach, can you take a spin for us? Here we go! Woaaah! C’mon…

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Make Your Own Illusion

Hi I’m Jake and today we’re gonna be talking about illusions. We’ve talked about them before here on dong and I’ve talked about them over on Vsauce3, specifically in the video, Impossible Objects. Link down in the description. There I talked a bit about MC Escher, the painter known for his fascination with illusions and…

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Magic is Rising: Stand With Sylas | League of Legends

Demacia was not built on a dream… Demacia was built on a lie. All those noble ideals and promises of a brighter future… they were never meant for the likes of us. We have been stripped of our freedom. Our… dignity. Our very lives. I say… no more! Mages of Demacia, the day has come….

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