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How to Do Rope Magic Tricks : Learn More Rope Magic

Hi everybody, let me give you some more information about where to learn more about rope magic. Now, there are a bunch of really good videos out there. If you are dealing with a professional magic supplier you could look for videos by a magician named Daryl who did a lot of stuff on rope…

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Takumi Takahashi (Japan) Semi-Final 1 – VOTING CLOSED | Asia’s Got Talent 2019 on AXN Asia

Okay, I am Takumi Takahashi from Japan and tonight I’m going to perform a card trick for my act. I need an assistant So, please Mista David, could you come up on the stage and be my assistant? It is very nice to meet you and meet you you see there no, I gonna be…

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Best Zach King Vine Magic Compilation of all time

Ryan! We got to go! Ryan! There you are. -What are you doing, man? -I’ve been looking for you. It’s perfect. No! No! If you kick a soccer ball just right… You get a puppy! C’mon! Gah! Woah woah WAHHH Innovative suits. Zach, can you take a spin for us? Here we go! Woaaah! C’mon…

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How to become a magician?

I live in a small village here we have beautiful lavender and cute little rabbits I remember when the circus came here once I was chosen by the magician to be his assistant suddenly I could spread my wings I left home for the first time went to every place in Europe saw the Eiffel…

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Neil Patrick Harris Talks About His New Children’s Book, ‘The Magic Misfits’ | TODAY

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DEALT – Official Trailer [HD]

A mechanic is somebody who can fix something. An auto mechanic fixes a car, a body mechanic is a professional killer. I’m a card mechanic I can fix a card game. Ace of cards Richard Turner. He can do things with cards no one else can do. He’s a trickster! He’s demonstrating the moves used…

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Crazy Magic Tricks – Kismet Magic

you know like the king has two swords right? yes just words okay so I want you to blow it and think of a card , blow it that’s good. now I’m gonna take one of the others swords watch I’m gonna take it off, so take the card take it now watch you’re gonna…

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Ultimate Prediction – Android Magic Trick App 2014

This card trick uses an ordinary deck of cards I’m going to split these cards into roughly 2 even piles and ask the spectator to choose one of these piles so if they choose this pile the magician takes the remaining pile and gives them a quick shuffle and asks the spectator to do the…

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Leigh Hotz : The Wizard Of Fun Comedy Magician on America Got Talent Season 11

this looks like big magic. good evening good evening what is your name my name is Leigh Hotz this is my lovely wife Mamata. hi and what do you do for a living Leigh I am a daring escape artist and all-around nice guy. Why is your wife laughing at that. she’s laughing at the…

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Did you feel something ? look.. that happened a few minutes ago. Helene was concentrated He picked me up Don’t worry friends because right here I have your stuffs Helene it’s your cell phone ! white … yes … Eric it’s your wallet ! Marianne it s your fan ! ( jeux de mot français…

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