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The Sticky Balloon Trick! | Physics for Kids

Want to see a really cool trick? Watch this! I’ll take this balloon… …rub it on my shirt… … gently place it on the wall…and… …ta-dah! It sticks to the wall! Thank you very much! This balloon-sticking trick might seem like magic. But it’s not at all! The balloon sticks to the wall because of…

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Amazing Magnet Trick Shots! (Magination)

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TOP 10 Magnet Science Experiments & Tricks from Mr. Hacker!

nice 10 Awesome Tricks with magnets *Chink* *Clink again* *Loud bang* *Matches’ Flame hissing* *Matches’ Flame hissing again* *The small steel balls in the person’s right hand making a crinkling noise* *The small steel balls making a slapping sound when drawn together* *Continued noises when being slapped against the other magnet* *The sound of the…

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Playing with Magnetic Balls, Satisfaction 100% | Magnetic Games

*tap tap tap tap tap* *squishy soundy magnetic ball sounds lol* i love asmr *click* *more clicking* *slice* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *another click* *wow another click!* *clicking* Who made this? These subs are amazing! (XD) *snap* *slightly less louder snap* *snap* *click and snappity boo* *tch* *tch* *snap* *click* *plop* wow! amazing! *ckrclkcrk*…

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Alexander the Magician in Central Park, NYC

My name is Alexander, and this… is my job! (appreciative applause) Now Catherine, do you have a good imagination? Say yes. (Catherine: “Yes.”) Do you know what this is? Cards? An imaginary deck of cards! (astonished “oooh”-ing) Damn right. Okay Catherine, take the deck. Don’t drop it or we’ll never find it. (general laughter) Catherine,…

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Mind-Blowing Magic Magnets – Smarter Every Day 153

Hey, it’s me Destin. Welcome back to SmarterEveryDay. You might not know this but every single hydraulic pump in every car you’ve probably ever been in has a little bitty magnet in it to catch shavings so that the mechanism doesn’t foul up. Now, I know this because when I was growing up both of…

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