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cards selection 2 – magic card tricks

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The ring of fire – amazing magic trick

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The Flying Ring magic trick

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Eric Borner Magicien au Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde

WWW.ERIC-BORNER.COM Hoooo yeahhhh! HOOOO he is wonderful! José Garcia is more as enthusiastic! This kid will go realy far … congratulation! Eric Borner gorgeous! You are going to travel around the world kid with your performance Without sleeves look! and Arielle and ask me “but where does it comes from!” but Noooo, but it is…

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Made an armature and now is magician

This is the story of a magician that in the zenith of his carreer fails in his big show his trick fails so he gets depressed, old and starts drinking so he never tries that trick any more so the story is about if he will try again to do the trick or not the…

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Magic Agora: Learn magic with Dani Daortiz. Back in time (Subbed in Spanish)

¡Este juego se llama Regreso al Pasado! Tu ayúdame con mi inglés, porque mi inglés es muy, muy malo… Yo soy muy… valiente… soy muy valiente porque este juego es muy difícil y yo voy a intentar hacer el juego. Entonces, ¿puedes pensar en cualquier número entre uno y cincuenta y dos? Puede ser cualquier…

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Isaac Deck Got Talent .El mejor mago del mundo, The best magician of the world.

Hello, Good afternoon Good afternoon What´s your name? Isaac Deck Isaac where do you from? I´m from Córdoba but i am living in Málaga. Spain what is your job? I´m a flight instructor ah, ook, Please go a head good luck Thanks Well for starters if you allow me I will bring and will explain…

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Exploding bubbles turn to balls magic trick

hey I’m you you you

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Magic Agora. Learn Magic With Dani Daortiz: Thought coincidence.

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