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3 Arguments Why Marijuana Should Stay Illegal Reviewed

All around the world, marijuana is being decriminalized, or even made legal. But is this really a good idea? In the online debate, the harmful sides are often downplayed. So let’s look at the three most powerful arguments against legalizing marijuana. [Intro – Kurzgesagt] Argument number 1: In the last few decades, Marijuana has been…

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Yummy 420: How To Make Magic Brownies

♪ [music] ♪ [whirling] [whirling] [whoosh] ♪ [music] ♪ [whirling] ♪ [music] ♪ [sinister laughter] [crunching] ♪ [music tempo is slowing down] ♪ ♪ [music is back to original tempo] ♪

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Rens trips on magic mushrooms | Drugslab

Hello, I’m Rens. -And I’m Nellie. And welcome… -In our Drugslab. Let me get acclimatized first. All sort of lines… I see your pores really clearly. I was afraid for a moment. Every week in the name of science we try a different drug… to see what it does to the human body. Curious about…

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Nellie completely spaced out on magic truffles (psilocybin) | Drugslab

Hi, I’m Bastiaan. -And I’m Nellie. And welcome… -In our Drugslab. Everything is different. It’s pretty intense. Also in 2017 we’ll try all kinds of drugs for you in the name of science. As usual you can react in the comments, just as Hugo Klat, Tristan Koenders… Chann Chunn… -And The Incredible Hulk did. Because…

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The Rise of Psychedelic Truffles in Amsterdam

[MUSIC PLAYING] HAMILTON MORRIS: Today is Queen’s Day in Amsterdam, and I have three containers of psilocybin-containing truffles. I’m going to start by taking 8 grams of this 15-gram container, because that’s what the man at the smart shop advised me to do. And then I suppose I’m going to go out and walk around…

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Key & Peele – Lightning in a Bottle – Uncensored

Oh, please don’t say anything. Please just keep it to yourself, whatever– [sneezes] Oh. Thought you had an idea. I do. Fuck. – We need to make an app. – Like, for a Smartphone? An app that all the people could download and then we make millions. It’s just, that shit’s hard to come up…

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