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Tucked Up – Buddy System Ep1

MAN 1: I saw this shirt inSkyMallthe other day that was the length of a tucked-in shirt, but it was untucked. MAN 2: Yeah, I saw that. That’s in the issue with the beef jerky yoga mat on the cover, right? MAN 1: Mm-hmm, yeah, you get the, uh, clean-cut look of a tuck with…

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The Magic Is Real – Buddy System Ep5

Previously on Buddy System: The guys joined rival skating gangs. -Roller-turders. -Turd-rollers. A line of little turds… -(sizzling) -(groaning) And Aimee continues to ruin their channel… AIMEE: The Sacripet. …and ruin their reputations. Rhett and Link have hit a new low. You should be ashamed of yourselves. We’re losing subscribers. -So they call her… -What…

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