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SMG4 Halloween 2017: Trick Or Treat Wars

*New glitchy boi* SMG4 Presents….. SUPAH EDGY [Maniac Luigi Laughter] Oh yeh! *sexy sound effects* Luigi! *Italian crying* Waddup BIATCH (My thoughts exactly) YEAH! HAHAHAAA! ooooo Very scary! YAA! Oho, hahaha! Hmm… *Italian gibberish* *Luigi sobs :(* *Owl language cannot be translated* DING DONG Ya! Hmm? Oh… Luigi and SMG4: Trick or treat! Mario: GIMMIE…

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SML Movie: Jeffy’s YouTube Channel!

(Sigh) Mario: Can’t Wait To Watch TV! Jeffy: Hey Daddy, Wanna See Me Be A Fish? Mario: A Fish? Jeffy: Yeah, Watch. (INSTANT CONSTIPATION) Mario: J- Jeffy Stop It. (CONSTIPATION AGAIN) Goodman: Breaking News, Mkkay! YouTube Sensation, Hogan Paul, A YouTuber Who Has 15 Million Subscribers And Makes Millions Of Dollars For Making Vdeos On…

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Luigi: Would you like to see a magic trick? (Yes!) Ok. Weegee powers activate! Dafuq? QUACK! [x pingas] OOOOOOOOHH- (Correction: 2nd try dafuq) Aaaaaaaaaawwwwwwww……. [glass shatering] WWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA- [boom] [ded] (RIP Luigi)

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Portal M4R10 – If Mario was in…Portal

babababababababadun! Peach’s Castle April 15 2016 11.25 PM beep beep! Mario: MAMMA MIA! Say, I’m-a hungry. lets go hohoho oh ye dundudududuuuuun Just what I needed! ooh yeah! hmmmmmmmmmm what a tasty treat yahooooo!! nom nom nom (DING) OOF! GLaDOS: Hello, and, again… GLaDOS: Welcome to the Aperture Science Computer-aided Enrichment Center. Mario: WAA mamma…

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