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How Disney’s Magic Mirror Works

Disney theme parks are well known for their immersive attractions that incorporate a wide range of practical and digital effects, from the classic stretching room of the haunted mansion to state-of-the-art animatronics and projection mapping. The topic of today’s video is not one of the major E-ticket rides, but it is a popular attraction that…

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Mechanical Marvels—Optical Illusion Viewer: Picture Puzzle of King Christian V, 1685

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How does an Oscillating Fan work?

– [Jared] The inside of this household fan has some neat mechanisms especially the gears and levers that cause it to oscillate back and forth. Let’s take a closer look. (electricity whirring) My name is Jared and I make 3D animations (metal thudding) on how things work. After this video, make sure to visit my…

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