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The Untold Secret of Magic

as a young boy I always looked up to my older brother I was eight years old and he was 12 and I always wanted to be accepted by him I was known for stealing things out of his room and one of the things that I took was a book on card tricks when…

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Mentalist Lior Suchard Wows Ellen with Emojis

He said, how are you? And I said, you probably know. See? Lior Suchard. Suchard. Where are you from? I’m originally from Israel, which is amazing country. Yes I travel all over the world, surprising people, reading them. It’s not actually mind reading. It’s more about knowing how they think. So I know how to…

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Magical Mom Learns a Magic Trick… and It Works!

For Christmas I taught my mom a magic trick and she became a magician proved by this… I’m a magician! Check it out after this. “Me and the magic man went for a long drive.” Magic with Mom…Yeah! I could have used that paper again. Stop magic…stop light Amazing and easy to learn Open up…

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Magic Review – How to Read Minds Kit by Peter Turner

hey everybody welcome back to my magic orthodoxy my name is David and this is a magic review hey welcome back to the channel thanks for being here it got a lot to cover today so we’re gonna jump right on in but before we do make sure you hit like and subscribe because I…

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A Word From the book magic trick – Şahin Akkaya Mentalism

– I want the open Page 134 Page 134 Mr Eser please choose a line in page 134 . Which line do you want ? -Which line hmm . – 8 Line 8 Now in the 8th line choose a word . Which number is your word ? – 4 4 In 8th line 4th…

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Illusionist Derren Brown Reads Seth’s Mind

-We’re here with illusionist Derren Brown, everybody, whose show, “Derren Brown: Secret” is on Broadway through January 4th, at the Cort Theatre. And I’m so happy to be here. What an honor. -This is so exciting. Thank you for having me on. Ignore this — -Okay. -By the way, ignore that. -Okay. -Pay that no…

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Illusionist and mentalist Derren Brown reveals the magic behind his creative process | Fast Company

– What I try and do is come up with something that you wouldn’t get anywhere else, you don’t quite get it at a play, you don’t get it at a magic show. I really try and come up with something that’s unique and also that over-delivers, to give you more than you were expecting….

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See magician Franco Pascali show off a spooky trick

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LIFEல Successஐ அடைய இதை Follow பண்ணுங்க | Arun The Mentalist | Tamil Motivation | Josh Talks Tamil

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Magicians get their minds read in Bryn Mawr, PA. The Evasons Mentalist Duo at Magic Camp.

Is this a special occasion? Or is this just a get-together? It’s a celebration. Oh, is it a celebration? It’s an accomplishment that has occurred, right? Yes! Yes. Is it true? Yes. I believe it’s because of the success that comes from graduating. Oh my god! (crowd laughs and claps) I’ve never asked you any…

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