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Moral Licensing

Moral psychology isn’t always an easy thing to study. First of all, just using a survey to ask people what they think is moral doesn’t always reveal what they would do in real life. An experiment that actually puts people in what feels like a real scenario may get more realistic results, but researchers must…

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Kelly Freaks Out Over This Mind-Reading Magic Trick

– So you became a street magician, how did this happen? At a young age, right? – Yes, I was a theater kid. I started out in theater, and my drama teacher, Rob MacIntosh, showed me my first magic trick. Where he took a red silk handkerchief, and he stuffed it into his fist. And…

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Woman FAILS Mind Reading during Magic Show

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The Cognitive Tradeoff Hypothesis

[clangs] This is Inuyama, Japan, a historic city home to Japan’s oldest original wooden castle. It is also home to Kyoto University’s Primate Research Institute.Here, a group of chimpanzees have been trainedto play a game that exposes something shockingabout their memories.This is going to blow your mind.Here is how it works.Take a look at these…

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Magic Review – How to Read Minds Kit by Peter Turner

hey everybody welcome back to my magic orthodoxy my name is David and this is a magic review hey welcome back to the channel thanks for being here it got a lot to cover today so we’re gonna jump right on in but before we do make sure you hit like and subscribe because I…

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Learn to Read Minds From a Champion of Magic! || Alexander Marsh LIVE ACT

Hello, I’m Alexander Bosch And this is my act the act you will learn here is my go to corporate and parlor show. It’s fast paced. It’s funny It’s amazing. This is material. I have used to forming large theatres in every major city in the United States and UK I’m the only Mentalist featured…

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A Word From the book magic trick – Şahin Akkaya Mentalism

– I want the open Page 134 Page 134 Mr Eser please choose a line in page 134 . Which line do you want ? -Which line hmm . – 8 Line 8 Now in the 8th line choose a word . Which number is your word ? – 4 4 In 8th line 4th…

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How to Talk to Aliens

[Michael] Where is everyone? We have been listening for messages from outer space for more than half a century, and so far… silence. Why? Are we truly alone in the universe? Or is everyone else acting like us and just doing a lot of listening? Maybe we need to be louder. Maybe we need to…

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Kelly To Magician Justin Willman: “I Can’t Stand You Right Now”

– [Justin] Have you ever had to block anybody online? – [Lady 1] Yeah. – [Lady 2] Yes. – You ever wish you could block someone in real life? – For sure. – That’s what this is for. I’ll show you. Watch. (upbeat music) Blocked. Right? Sometimes not blocking them isn’t enough, if the person’s…

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Mind Reading

Mind reading? Of course not. I love reading. Look, mind reading might sound like pseudoscientific– pardon my language– bullshoot. But its scientific counterpart, thought identification, is very much a real thing. It’s based in neuroimaging and machine learning, and what’s really cool is that experiments in mind reading aren’t just about spying on what someone…

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