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Awkward Magician

My name is Andrew Hales. I’m a magician if I told you magic was real Would you believe me? All right, what’s your name nice to meet you Katie? Do you believe in magic? Uh, yeah I guess so. Do you believe in levitation? No. Okay well today you’re about to– you’re about to uhh…

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Might & Magic Heroes Online – Mind Pierce Compilation

Hi All We’ve been testing out our new Faceless units trying Mind Pierce on different creatures Here we’ve put a compilation for you Hope you like it Our favourite was the Spiders in a Deadly battle We chose the biggest Spider stack that numbered more than a thousand This huge unit fought for us for…

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Funny And Easy Magic Trick You Can Do Now

Don’t mind my armpit in the next 23 senconds Thank you!!

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EASY Mind Reading Trick Explained! 4 CRAZY Magic Tricks

you remember the number of pages

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NOVA scienceNOW – 56 : Magic and the Brain, Can Machines Think Like Us, Magnetic Mind Control

NEIL DEGRASSE TYSON: Hi, I’m Neil deGrasse Tyson, your host for NOVA scienceNOW, where this season, we’re asking six big questions. On this episode: How Does the Brain Work? To find out, I head to Las Vegas, where brain researchers are placing their bets on magic. MAC KING (Magician): That’s a dang real fish. NEIL…

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PERFECT Mind-Reading Trick Explained! (Mentalism Tutorial)

– Yo! What is up, guys? Chris Ramsay here, and welcome back. (coughs) Today, I’m gonna teach you something really, really cool. This is a mentalism effect, basically a mind reading effect, how you can predict, correctly predict, the name of a city, the name someone is thinking of, a number, playing card, anything at…

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How Magicians Trick Your Brain

What! So I saw a magic show a few weeks ago and it was so good. I was totally bamboozled and it got me thinking about how magicians trick your brain and the psychology of deception. So we’re back, visiting the same magician with a camera and all of you to explore some brain magic….

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Scary Magic Trick – Comedy Hypnosis Show

: Close up magic. : Over this way. Whatever you do, don’t move.: He’s looking at me. : Yeah, he’s looking at you. Let’s go turn him back to a belt. Put that back on, this belt.: What’s that? : No, no. Go ahead. What’re you doing man? Really go ahead. Take care of it….

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The HAUNTED deck! – Impromptu card magic tutorial

(spooky music) – Heyo, what’s going on? Chris Ramsay here, welcome back. Happy Friday the 13th, people. Today is Friday the 13th, so I thought I’d drop a little something special today. But before we get into that, go ahead and smash the hell out of that like button and subscribe if you’re not already….

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oh WHOA Hi Sup Guys so we’re doing Another Optical Illusion Video I really liked the last one I wanted to do Another one When your hair Malfunctions (we feel you girl) so we’re Gonna get right into this So this is a Picture of some Cars on a street it looks like an Old…

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