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How to Exploit The Frequency Illusion to Change Your Habits

Have you ever been shopping for a car, a phone, a watch, or a pair of sunglasses and, once you settle on the model you want, you start seeing it everywhere? There’s a name for that phenomenon. It’s called the frequency illusion. And no, I’m not talking about seeing internet ads for your new “toy”…

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Charok Lama – The Magic of Keeping Calm

Nowadays, the biggest problem is not being able to keep the mind calm. The Magic of Keeping Calm And also, the things that you do to keep your mind calm are momentary. As mentioned in the Buddha’s teachings, we call it momentary happiness. Instead of trying to keep your mind calm through working on yourself,…

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Projections onto Spiritual Teachers–letting go of the illusion of perfection | nonduality

Jon Bernie: You know, as … I think it’s natural for us as human beings to want things from other people. I think that’s natural. So why wouldn’t a student want something from a spiritual teacher? And maybe hope that they could give it to them. You know, if you want to … I just…

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Time Is a Useful Illusion

One of the more persistent illusions of this reality is time. Specifically the concept of linear time which is actually an illusion. Linear time doesn’t really exist. But from the time that we’re very young we’re taught that it does. We’re taught to treat the past as an actual thing that happened and is over….

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Grandma’s Magic Pillows Demo

Well Good Morning. This is Karen Carlson from Be Well And Renew which is a wellness business that was inspired to create Grandma’s Magic Pillows. I am here today with two young ladies that are going to help me demonstrate Grandma’s Magic Pillows. On the left we have Becca. And how old you are Becca?…

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Grasping The Illusory Nature Of Thought

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Magicians get their minds read in Bryn Mawr, PA. The Evasons Mentalist Duo at Magic Camp.

Is this a special occasion? Or is this just a get-together? It’s a celebration. Oh, is it a celebration? It’s an accomplishment that has occurred, right? Yes! Yes. Is it true? Yes. I believe it’s because of the success that comes from graduating. Oh my god! (crowd laughs and claps) I’ve never asked you any…

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James Doty: “Into the Magic Shop” | Talks at Google

FEMALE SPEAKER: Welcome, everyone. My name is Ruchika, and I work in the well-being learning team here at Google, a team that brings you well-being learning programs like Search Inside Yourself. Thank you to Meng, who is here with us today, for creating that program and G-Pause, G-Calm, et cetera. We are very fortunate to…

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The Magic of Not Giving a F*** | Sarah Knight | TEDxCoconutGrove

Translator: Ellen Maloney Reviewer: Peter van de Ven We’re living in a post-tidying society. Everyone, including me, has a story about de-cluttering their home. Gathering all of their possessions into the middle of the floor, deciding what brings joy, and then bidding farewell to a set of spatulas in pursuit of a calmer, happier life….

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