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MTG – Five Tips for Selling Cards in Different Situations

No matter how people try to ignore it, Magic has a very active secondary market and most people who are serious about the game have probably sold cards for various reasons. I’m your host Mike, and I’ll be talking about Five Tips for Selling Magic Cards in different situations. Make It A Last Resort Remember…

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Cardsphere Infomercial **MUST SEE! ACT NOW!** | Magic the Gathering | Pixie Kitten Plays

is your life being overrun by Magic the Gathering cards can’t sleep at night because of all the magic cards is your love life suffering because of your magic collection don’t worry you don’t have to be sad about that anymore you need card sphere cards here’s the best place on the internet to go…

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MTG – Five Tips for Managing Your Magic Collection

Magic is a hobby that tends to attract the collector types which means that we end up hoarding a lot of cards. Whether you’re collecting cards for personal use or your Magic finance portfolio, managing your collection is a beast you’ll have to face at some point. I’m your host Mike and I’ll be going…

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