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Relatable MTG Player Gets Schooled! Magic: The Gathering Prank gone EDUCATIONAL!

Hey, Stop right there! We’re not going to have another boring lecture from the prof today. Who listens to those anyways? Studies show not young adults. No, we need to listen to someone young and hip. Someone you can relate to. And that’s me. My name’s Kid Young. *Radical 90’s era music playing* I’m just…

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MTG – Top 5 Underrated and Budget Dual Lands For Commander! Magic: The Gathering

(Slurping sounds) I was recently a guest on the Commanderin podcast. Which by the way if you haven’t already listened to, you can do so here. Link in the description as well. And in between our arguing about Harry Potter and Doctor Who, we actually found some time to talk about Commander. One thing that…

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MTG – Is it worth it to buy Iconic Masters? A Magic: The Gathering Review

Many “Magic: The Gathering” players ask the question: Once a rare and expensive to purchase commodity, ‘Masters’ sets are becoming more and more common. So for Iconic Masters, what reprints of note does this set contain, versus those prior? And are there enough of them to justify the $9.99 per-pack price tag? If so, which…

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