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MTG – Mono Black Ponza, The $20 Pauper Land Destruction Deck for Magic: The Gathering

Are you looking for a deck that’s cruel mean-spirited and rotten to the core Are you a sick individual who only has fun playing magic if you can make your opponent miserable? Do you have a cold black heart that only pumps out a slick Pestilent bile? Well then have I got a deck for…

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Magic Duels Origins – Official Trailer (Legendado em português)

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Tackling the Updated MTGO Vintage Cube with TeamJbro (Dec. 2019)

Time to get hype: It’s holiday cube season! Welcome to Cultic Cube, where we cube religiously. We make you better at cube and make your cube better. Today we look at the changes brought by the December 2019 iteration of the MTGO Vintage Cube. I am delighted to welcome back to the show cube connoisseur…

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MTG – Ready to Bootup in Pauper? The $20-40 Affinity Deck for Magic: The Gathering

(TCC Theme plays) Long before the magnificence of Phyrexian perfection blessed this metal world, there was Mirrodin pure. Each of the five suns dawned on a land of great power. So great a power in fact, that instead of a broken land, these lands were what broke formats. Seat of the Synod, The Great Furnace,…

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MTG – A Guide To U/B Modern Faeries for Magic: The Gathering

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Tolarian Tutor: Mana Curve and Land Bases – A Magic: The Gathering Study Guide

so you’re prepping for Friday night magic going over your deck with your friends you look at the ratio of lands to spells and one friend says you clearly need to take out those scry lands I mean look at your curve you’re too aggressive for them well another friend argues no you need to…

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The New Player’s Guide To Building a Sealed Constructed / Prerelease Magic: The Gathering Deck

[Music] the new players guide to building a sealed constructed Magic the Gathering deck there are many different ways to play Magic the Gathering sealed constructed as the way used by pre-release events some competitive tournaments and a lot of casual play if you want to go down to your local games store and play…

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Super Magic Freaks Draft #1 Part 2

Part 2 of Jack and Emile’s Draft

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Tolarian Tutor: Mulligans – A Magic: The Gathering Study Guide

It’s one of the most tension wrought moments of any magic game dealing out those first seven cards of your deck Picking them up and looking at your opening hand you start asking yourself questions Is this capable should I really hold on to six lands in one spell? What if the spell is a…

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MTG – How To Build Pauper Slivers, A Budget Deck for Magic: The Gathering

So you say you are interested in building a competitive Pauper deck that won’t break your bank account and that combines amazing synergy with aggro swarm? Well then, have I got the deck for you! Pauper Slivers. Pauper Slivers combines tribal synergy with a straightforward aggressive strategy to create a deck that’s hard to answer….

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