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The Wizard and I | Wicked Musical | Cover JuanaCmusic

Did that really just happened? Have I actually understood? This weird quirk I’ve tried to suppress or hide. Is a talent that could Help me meet the Wizard if I make good so I’ll make good When I meet the Wizard, Once I prove my worth, And then I’ll meet the Wizard. What I’ve waited…

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The Illusion of Certainty: Risk, Probability, and Chance

Welcome everybody. We have for you tonight Probability, risk, and chance. But before the fun starts lmao. Something serious, a serious scientific experiment that you are all going to be apart of. An experiment on ESP. Extrasensory perception. Aaliyah Allen You all have cards, take out those index cards and the pencils you were given….

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Mechanical Marvels—Optical Illusion Viewer: Picture Puzzle of King Christian V, 1685

[No Sound]

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MAGIC Spell Studios Launch at RIT

>>I’m going to take you on a tour of MAGIC Spell Studios before we even have a shovel in the ground.>>The MAGIC Spell Studios facility is kind of a re-envisioning of the way that we make digital media at RIT. We’ve got, historically, these great programs in a lot of different areas, but increasingly the…

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NYC Subway Tips, Tricks, and SECRETS !

What’s up guys? It’s Jon And a lot of us ride the subway in New York City And never pay attention to any of the details But let me tell you this place has a lot of history Interesting stories And even some secrets So make sure to leave me a comment Because I want…

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How to see poetry in everyday objects | Orhan Pamuk | MoMA BBC | THE WAY I SEE IT

Paul Kobrak: How important is art to you? Orhan Pamuk: It’s very important for me. I have no other life than art and literature. I don’t know what to say. Orhan: This is Orhan Pamuk. I’m a fiction writer. I’ve chosen these two Cornell boxes. On the righthand, we have a doll covered by various…

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Andre Tricks Cookie & Lucious | Season 6 Ep. 1 | EMPIRE

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Daniel Radcliffe Has Never Been Trick-or-Treating

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Define Beauty: A look at the thigh-gap obsession in “The Magic Gap” by Guy Aroch

Magic gap… uhh Wow, um… woo… uhh Something possibly dirty? The gap between being friends with someone and going out with them The gap on your teeth that the dentist tells you you have to get braces for, but you don’t want to get braces for it because it looks like you’re a top model…

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Magic Toy Shop Family Reunion – Syracuse NY 1993

earlier this month i was invited to a party at the persian terrace at the hotel syracuse naked body shops cast members families children in our belts played special rules on the program it was extremely appreciative eddie lot nominal play lady revival all-time or shop they heard the hokey pokey approaching his fifty turn…

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