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Magic Trick – Levitating My Car

Okay, I’m going to levitate my car and there are no special fx used in this. Just watch…

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Wizard of Oz (Lil’ Buddies 2)

Hey man, hey, I just had a really upsetting thought… Whaaaaat. What is the thought? Ok, so you know like, The Wizard of Oz? Yes, I know *like* The Wizard of Oz. Ok, but no! So like… if… What if… so… *sigh* Like…right at the beginning of Wizard of Oz. Out in the real world….

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Ask Dr. Phelan: Using 1-2-3 Magic with ADHD and ODD

So we have a question today from Carol who has a another tough customer at home and her question goes like this…”Hi Doctor Phelan. Our doctor recommended your book. Our ten-year-old son is ADHD and ODD and has physical altercations with his dad daily (certainly not a good sign). Which book should we read first?”…

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THE SECRET OF MAGIC ISLAND – Full Movie (Subtitled!)

Subtitles by Dr Death for CG Edited by Justin Sane Once upon a time… Well, this IS a story. So, once upon a time there was an unusual fairy. Normal fairies never leave their wands behind. But this fairy was so careless that she left her wand… …with her best friend, who promised to take…

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[MUSIC PLAYING] DIANNA COWERN: Thanks to Lockheed Martin for supporting PBS Digital Studios. [MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, yo. I’m Dianna. You’re watching “Physics Girl.” And I have a story for you. So I just got back from the biggest gem show in the world, the Gem and Mineral Showcase in Tucson, Arizona, that I went to…

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