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(hip hop music) – Ya boy, Alex Boyer here and welcome back to my channel, guys. Every day I get tagged in many magic videos that goes by on the internet, on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and I don’t really watch it, actually, just because I have a life. (beep) All this to say that one…

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“The Illusionists” Show Off 2 Amazing Magic Tricks With a Deck of Cards

Rachael, if you don’t mind, just have a seat for me there. Rachael, I have a, a bottle. The bottle’s made of glass. (glass tinging) It’s completely solid. (glass tinging) Untampered with. You can have a look at, it if you want. It’s a normal bottle? It’s a bottle. Perfect. There you go. Rachael, the…

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Magician Michael Carbonaro Uses Rachael As His Assistant To Perform Mind-Blowing Trick

You’re going to perform, obviously. Yeah, I’m going to do a little trick. I have no idea except I was told to stand on this side. Okay, yes. That’s it. Back up a tiny little bit. And back up. It’s gonna get intense. You okay? Okay. It’s intense. Right now, we’re gonna reach through the…

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