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Even doctors are surprised: this magic drink helps to lose 12 kg in 12 days, no diet, no exercises

Aubergine We cut the eggplant Lemon juice Mix it well Water Mix it well Cover the mixture for 12 hours in the refrigerator Separate the impurities from the mixture Drink one cup in the morning and one cup in the evening everyday for a month and you will get the result

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Magician, WonderPhil, performs coin magic while hanging out at Toronto’s Demetres

We have four dollars. We’re going to make it disappear. One at a time. If one goes right there, I should only have three left. Right? If I put one there, there’s two there, so I have two left. If I put that one there I only have one left. Isn’t that weird? Yeah it…

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Bali Twice The Magic: First Hotel Arrival By River Raft

That’s one of its kinds. It surely hasn’t been done in Bali. Staying at Four Seasons in Jimbaran and then going up to Sayan and arriving down the sacred Ayung river. This is a very very special experience. Guests love it. It enhances arrival experience. They’ll certainly be wet for sure. But it’s one way…

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selfie stick tricks | mobile camera hacks tricks | Camera Phone Trick | Cinematic Mobile Videography

If you have one mobile phone & one selfie stick what can be done with these things ? some will say…we can do this some will say we can even vlog with a selfie stick but in reality you can do a lot with this combo so do you like these clips if you want…

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MapleStory 2 – Wizard Class Intro

Class open your textbooks to – What’s this? We’re one student short That’s fine. We can wait Professor! We have quite a lot of magic to learn today Are you going to waste our time waiting for one tardy student? An astute point as usual miss class president? Let’s begin what can anyone here tell…

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Mentalist Lior Suchard Wows Ellen with Emojis

He said, how are you? And I said, you probably know. See? Lior Suchard. Suchard. Where are you from? I’m originally from Israel, which is amazing country. Yes I travel all over the world, surprising people, reading them. It’s not actually mind reading. It’s more about knowing how they think. So I know how to…

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Fizzy Magic! Looping with Earthcaches!

So what in the world could possibly make me get out of bed to come to get a cache on a day like this? -How about a 3, 4.5, cache. -Well, why would I want that? I’ve got 39 of them. -But, do you have a 3, 4.5 Earth Cache? -Oh, but no! I don’t…

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إصنع بنفسك ديكور وهم بصرى ثرى دى بطريقه مبسطه 3d optical illusion design in 5 minutes

peace be upon you and welcome to a new wall design idea! today, we’ll crate a simple 3d wall design i’ll not use the spray, so any one can do it! this is a 1cm tape, from the corner of the wall.. connect it to the opposite corner of the wall! after adding the tape,…

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Guild Wars 2 – Maximum Profit from Divine Lucky Envelopes – 1100%+ Magic Find Guide

Divine Lucky Envelopes are items or I should rather say boxes sold by an NPC during Lunar New Year Festival in Divinity’s Reach. They are quite expensive, each will cost you one gold and you can buy up to 16 per day per account. You can also buy more at the trading post or if…

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brother most horizontal backflips in 30 seconds I’m ready Let’s do it what is up everybody welcome to another episode of world record Wednesdays we would break or set a world record every single Wednesday today I am with the fanatic I found these guys on Instagram they are super cool we’re gonna do some…

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