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Do You Have Schizophrenic? Take the Test (Hollow-Mask illusion)

Hi, this is Emma, and welcome to Esoteric Detective. Have you ever heard of the Hollow Mask test? It is a strange test which can help you or someone else tell if they might have a hidden mental illness or not. The mask you see, is a simple real mask, that is turning around. It…

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The Stopped Clock Illusion!

have you ever been in a situation where you look at an analogue watch or wall clock and for the very first second realize that the second hand seems frozen in time it seems like the second hand takes a bit more time than a second to complete that second yes then well you’re not…

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Trick Your Brain to Feel High

This episode of “Hard Science” is brought you by Full Sail University. Hey. Welcome to “Hard Science,” a show where we use just a little bit of knowledge about the world to bend it to our whim. I’m Anthony. I’m Tara. I’m Trisha. Trisha is on loan to us from SourceFed. We promised Phil that…

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Brain Tricks – This Is How Your Brain Works

You may not realize it but your brain actually processes information in two very distinct ways. Like when you look at this photo, you instantly know she has blond hair, is visibly angry, and likely has some choice words to yell. Without any effort you experience fast thinking, but if you look at the following…

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Creative Camera Angles for Optical Illusion Prank

Hey, what’s up guys It’s good to see you again this Friday. (ง •̀_•́)ง In our last episode, I showed you some anti-physics phenomenon and many folks left us a comment saying we used reverse video Exactly, you are right Actually, I was gonna explain what had happened in our last video but since you’ve…

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How To Make a Hollow Mask Illusion – At home science – ExpeRimental #22

We make a lot of assumptions about the world around us, often based on experience. These assumptions help us make judgments and decisions quickly, but they’re not always correct. In this activity you and your kids will try to confuse your brains with an unusual mask. Tadaaa. Here we go! Have you seen something like…

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How Optical Illusions Trick Your Brain

What you’re looking at right now is an optical illusion. While I’m talking, focus on the center, and think about how easy it is to fool your eyes and your brain. Hello easily tricked simpletons, Jules here for Dnews. Before we begin, I’d just like you to know that your eyes are lying to you….

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How to Draw a Hole in Paper: 3D Narrated Trick Art

Hello and welcome to my new Circle Line Art School video, in this drawing I’ll show you how to draw a hole, step by step, the first step in this drawing is draw a zigzag shape on your page, with the larger points towards the top of the page away from you, the zigzag shape…

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How to Draw a 3D Optical Illusion with Pencil – Fine Art-Tips

Hello my friends and welcome to another Tuesday of tutorial! Today I will do a drawing in 3D. I start by sketching what will be a deep hole. To get the 3D effect make sure all the lines inside the hole converge at the point you are looking from. For this I hold the ruler…

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Watch videos in full screen mode for 30 seconds while focusing on Centre – without blinking Look away and watch -look any thing now your room OR watch the world deform. Effect can lasts for up to 20 Sec Visual Optical Illusion Insane Results Video Fool Eyes & Mind – carefully designed to create a…

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