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Artificial Intelligence Solved This Audio Illusion. Can You?

Now, did you hear what I was saying? Clearly enough that you could, say, write it in dow the comments? If so, you just experienced a phenomenon called The Cocktail Party Effect. You can hear me while there’s people talking right next to us or if there’s a jazz band across the room. This is…

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Top 10 Optical Illusions That Will Melt Your Brain

Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top 10 Archive! The mind is a fascinating thing, and one of the most incredible thing about the brain is the ability to trick itself. It can see one object or event but completely register another. We all remember the white and gold dress, right? Or was it a…

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10 Best Optical Illusions of 2017

Today we’re feasting our eyes on the best optical illusions – of 2017. – Let’s talk about that. –( music playing ) – ( bell ringing ) ( chittering ) ( strings plucked ) Good mythical morning. TGIT, everybody. And, oh, what a “T” it will be. Oh. We’re gonna be diving face-first into McDonald’s…

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New Optical Illusion Is Driving The Internet CRAZY

we’ve our yeah knee and Laurel there’s a new optical illusion in town and it’s seriously infuriating is it a beach or is it a door welcome back to aiya I’m Charlotte del Rey are you sick of these optical illusions yet well get ready to argue down there in the comments cuz I got…

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– Optical illusion number one: I actually have long, flowing dreadlocks. I wish. So optical illusions have fascinated humanity since, well, forever. And they’ve gotten more intense over the years as certain people have figured out ways to trick our eyes that trick our brains into thinking something’s there that isn’t. So I’ve gather some…

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Annoying Orange – React to CRAZY OPTICAL ILLUSIONS!

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5 Optical Illusions That Will Test Your Brain Power #2 | Eye Test | Brain Teasers | FactoFusion

Illusions are the perfect way to test the connection between our brain and our eyes At first our eyes see an illusion, then our brain tries to make a sense of the situation and most of the time, what we see isn’t always what we get That’s why very few things on the internet have…

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25 Insane Optical Illusions That Will Leave You Dazed And Confused

Everybody loves optical illusions! Here are 25 of the most amazing optical illusions for you to figure out. 25. Rotating Rings If you stare at the dot in the center and move your head away from the screen the rings will start to rotate. Now gradually get closer again they change direction! 24. Hermann Grid…

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– What? It leveled. – My brain can not understand. – Do I even see everything? I guess, I don’t know. ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) Back by popular demand, we have some optical illusions for you today. – This is the coolest one. Are you serious? Optical illusions? Yes, I always wanted to…

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