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MAGIC 3D Printed MacBook STAND

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Annoying Orange – Blizzard of OZ (Wizard of OZ parody)

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Orange peeling Trick

Today, I’m gonna show you a great way to peel and serve an orange Start by taking a knife, and slice just through the skin all the way around the middle, like this Next, we need to take a large spoon; carefully push it in just underneath the skin and slowly work your way around,…

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Serious Play at the Hong Kong 7s 2013 – Off-Pitch Magic with DMC

Hey guys, this is DMC here with HSBC for the Hong Kong Sevens for a little bit of magic away from the pitch. Let’s play. We are in Pottinger Street, myself and Gav. We’re about to head into this fancy dress shop and make sure we get the right kit for Saturday because Saturday is…

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How the Empress of Orange Built a Community Online – Tea with Shira #67

>>If anything, you’re going to go find an orange hat.>>Another mmm>>And a scarf, and a cardigan, and some socks. And then you’re just going to be like, “Ta da!”>>Right, right.>>Hello everyone. I am joined by Gaye Glasspie, better known as GGmadeit or, you know what, the yarn ho.>>That.>>Seriously. There is no offense there. That is…

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Most Impossible Magic Trick

♫ It’s such a fun Magic Monday ♫ for you – Hey everybody and welcome to Magic Mondays. I’m here with my family. (family cheers) we get some family time because we did a show together last night and we’re doing another show in Los Angeles on April 1st at M Bar. Ticket link is…

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allahu akbar SURPRISED? HOW IS IT POSSIBLE? wow POP POP *again* but POP AGAIN AND AGAIN *pop sound* HOW TO DO THAT? JUST POP POPER 1 nails POP LOUD MORE nails no pop push BANG Glue dvd move around magic in moment WHAT’S THE SECRET? POP NAIL BOTTLE BLOW Cool Trick’s DO NOT TRY THIS…

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