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SCP Foundation – Trick or Treat

*Doorbell* “Trick or treat.” “Happy halloween, care to come in?” “Well.. my entire life my parents were telling me not to go into strangers houses.. so okay.” *Awkward Laugh* “Cool costume, I like the place too. It’s very… secret lab.” “Thank you I like yours as well.. its very uh.. societal leech.” “It’s fitting.” “You…

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How to make #Crochet #MAGIC #CIRCLE Tutorial #CrochetGeek Magic Tips & Tricks

i’m going to grab ahold of the loose end leaving the tail between my hand like this wrap it around over my hand back over, grab ahold of it with my little finger put my hook below this strand pick up the yarn pull it through drop it off my hand wrap the strand over…

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Magic Rush Leo : Snow Owl !

Hello friends, I’m Leo (훗훗) Let’s enjoy Magic Rush with me ♡ Hi subscribers, We meet Snow Owl today. I admire her fighting power and gorgeous action. That’s why I introduce an emergency without fully improving her. What a spectacular action of Owl. The developers seem to find that we are dissatisfied with Blissa’s actions….

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Magic of the Season ?| Teaser | The Owl House | Disney Channel

Celebrate the season with The Owl House.Why? – ♪ Deck the ♪ – Boiling Isles. – ♪ With boughs of ♪ – Trash slug. – ♪ Fa la la la la ♪ – ( cackling evilly ) – ♪ ‘Tis the season to be ♪ – Very stinky. – ♪ Fa la la la la…

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Magic Mugging

Stop! Give – Give me your wallet! … …No. “Magic missile”! [Magical Explosion™] The next one won’t miss! What are you? I’m a wizard! Not a sorcerer? Definitely a wizard? Yeah. Just give me the money. Nah. “Magic missile”! [Another Magical Explosion™] What level are you? …two? No more warning shots. Give me all of…

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PETE THE CAT & His Magic Sunglasses | Book Trailer | The Sun is Shining!

Pete the Cat did not feel happy. Pete had the blue cat blues. Then, as if things were not bad enough, along came Grumpy Toad. But Grumpy Toad was not grumpy today. He said, These cool blue magic sunglasses make the blues go away. Pete put on the cool blue magic sunglasses. Right on, the…

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