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Mud Mud Baby – My Magic Mud (Music Video Parody)

Gingivitis, has been eroding the gum line of this great nation long enough and it must be stopped. For too long this country is suffering a great moral and oral decay Alright, Stop Grab Your Mud and Listen. It could get messy, pay close attention. Careful, our jars are sealed tightly. Open over sink, don’t…

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TIK TOK KESHA Parody: Glitter Puke – Key of Awe$ome #13

♪ Wake up in the morning looking greener than Shrek ♪ – Where’s that donkey? – ♪ Sleeping in a tub can really mess up your neck. Before I leave I stop and vomit up tequila and glue. It seems I’m spending every morning with my head in the [beep]. Got vomit up in my…

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Anthony Goldstein, Ravenclaw, Jewish Wizard – Ep. 3

Dear Bubbe, We just had our end of the year feast and you will NOT believe what happened. They’re about to announce the winner of the house cup, Ravenclaw’s right behind Slytherin for the win, Gryffindor was in DEAD last. Then Dumbledore comes out – have I mentioned Dumbledore to you? He’s our gay principal….

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Troll my friends with Magic Trick!

Hi guys, I’m Sofian with my friends at the back. now we arrived at the location we want to shoot one vfx video this video involve some props like box so if you guys wanna know more, stay tuned okay I have nothing to do okay this one you’re right. So? as usual guys, I’m…

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Oh! Oh! Oh! Fernandes! Bruno! – He’s Portuguese! – He’ll score goals! – He’s magic! – Bruno! – The best midfielder since Paul Scholes… – What?! – Ed, are you awake? – I am now… Next I saw my windows break… – Make sure Bruno signs by Thursday evening! – Ole? – NO! Come on…

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The Wizard of OZ (How it Really Ended)

Hey guys! It’s the Pro Lando, and this is how the Wizard of Oz really ended. Hope you guys enjoy! Now which way do I go? This way’s good. It’s a nice that way too. I’ve seen people go both ways. Did you just talk? Scarecrows don’t talk. But you said something, didn’t you? Are…

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Living With A Planeswalker | Magic: the Gathering

(jaunty music) (crashing) (roaring) (grunting) (dramatic music) (laughing) Guys! It’s 2:00 in the morning. Knock it off! I’m sorry, I’m still on Ravnica time. My bad. (whooshing) Unbelievable. I said I’m sorry. Said I’m sorry. (whooshing) (flies buzzing) Oh wow, werewolves. And vampires. I really have gotta check this plane out. Hey man, the dishes…

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I would love to do a Magic episode with Sofyan! – ZACHKING

Hi guys, sorry for late posting Because I got a lot of work to do So what we waiting for? Let’s go! January 2020 Before that, I would like to apologise to all of you I would like to apologise for Actually starting this year, we want to make a new segment on this channel….

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4-2! 👊RONALDO is HAT-TRICK HERO👊 Real Madrid vs Bayern Munich (Parody Goals Highlights 2017)

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(surfer dude) If I could time-travel, I’d totally go back in time to eat my lunch again. (Ian) SHUT UP!!! (movie narrator) Project Almanac, rated PG-13. In theaters January 30th. – (actress) Whoa-ho! – (actor #1) What the hell is that? – (actor #1) Here we go. Project Almanac… ..temporal location prototype? What does that…

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