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Most Affordable MAKEUP KIT On SALE .. | #EID #Hacks #Tricks #Anaysa #ShrutiArjunAnand

Today we’ll bring for you two Eid Makeup look and thats too using an Ultra affordable Makeup Kit and i’ve a Promo Code for you and in return we want 2,00,000 Likes from you guys so first we applied this primer but this a different kit and you told that you create that same makeup…

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fluffy hair and bangs trick / ふわふわに髪を海外風に巻く方法&かきあげ前髪の作り方

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Dave Chappelle Is a Magical Party Wizard – Pete Lee – Unmic’d

– And he goes, “Dave Chappelle will take care of it” and then he just kept walking. Dave Chappelle is wizard. He is a party magic wizard. (lively jazz music) Hi, my name is Pete Lee and this is why you say yes to Dave Chappelle. All right, so I was sitting at the Comedy…

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Just Add Water – Blooming Flower Trick

Today I’m gonna to show you how to try to make these really cool paper flowers that bloom when you add them to water! Start off by taking a piece of paper and draw on your flower design. I’m gonna use a compass to get my design nice and neat. Draw out a circle… Then,…

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“Unicorn Wizard” – NINJA SEX PARTY Metal Cover | Feat. Victor The Guitar Nerd

Sometimes I wish I was even more awesome than I already am. What would my life be like if I turned that shit up to eleven (out of a possible five)? Riding straight out of your imagination Using my magic to fight against crime Destroying evil with powers most awesome Protecting the weak almost all…

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Balance Magic | Design Squad

I’m Deysi from Design Squad, and I’m here with Anna and Ethan. Today, we’re creating balance magic. Ooh! DEYSI: We took a cork and we tried to balance it. At first, it wasn’t balancing. Lower the center of gravity. Center of gravity. So we decided to add two barbecue skewers. Here’s the basic balance magic…

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6 Mischievous Tricks & Pranks – for April Fools’

So you wanna cause a little mischief, do you? Here are 6 easy pranks to help you on your way. #6 You can prank someone who watches a lot of TV with one simple trick. Just look on the front of the remote for a little LED like this, and cut a small piece of…

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Birmingham Bar Magician | Unbelievable Reaction to Trick at Party | Ed Sumner Magic

Which one’s mine?>That one! They were the same a moment ago. Do you remember?>Yeah! Hold your hand out nice and flat. I’m going to give you the two. Squeeze them, and with your other hand put that on top. OK? Now I’ll do the magic. The magic is a shadow. Don’t worry this won’t hurt…

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Trick or Treat – Aaron’s Animals

Ah, me luv tv. This better be my pizza. How me make them go away? Oh right, candy! Good riddance! Pizza? Dog with wings? Leave! Dog with antenna? Leave faster!! IF THIS ISN’T MY PIZZ– Oooohhhhh. This not pizza… Phil, wut is going–oooohhhhh. Me must make girl cats happy! Goodby nintindo switch! Lifft with legs…

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Wizard of Oz Inspired Themed Costume Party! INCREDIBLE Costumes!!!

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