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10 Most Common Magic Tricks Explained

10 most common magic tricks explained number 10 sword in half probably the most famous piece of magic that doesn’t devolve on rabbit to respect British kid with a lightning scar the Canton half trick has confused audiences since as early as 1806 and as its age suggests the trick isn’t a feat of complex…

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How Magicians Trick Your Brain

What! So I saw a magic show a few weeks ago and it was so good. I was totally bamboozled and it got me thinking about how magicians trick your brain and the psychology of deception. So we’re back, visiting the same magician with a camera and all of you to explore some brain magic….

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Penn & Teller Fool Us /w Canadian magician Ryan Joyce (Stage Illusionist)

[Ryan Joyce Fool Us with Magicians Penn & Teller] [Season 3 Episode 2] Welcome back to Fool Us and so far tonight one magician has managed to fool our dynamic duo. Let’s see if we can go for two as we meet our next performer. My name is Ryan Joyce, I am a magician and…

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