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MAGIC REVIEW – Invisible Deck Kicker by David Penn

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MAGIC REVIEW – Pocket Nightmare by Max Maven

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MAGIC REVIEW: My Assistant by Massimo Cascione & Anthony Stan

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MAGIC REVIEW: Legend Cups and Balls by Murphy’s Magic Supplies

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MAGIC REVIEW: Card to Pocket by The Other Brothers

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MAGIC REVIEW: Revolve by Nicholas Lawrence

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Learn how to perform BETTER magic from DAVID WILLIAMSON!

– What is going on– Mr. Williamson? – What’s up? Ow. You got quite a grip there. – I’ve been working out, have you not noticed? – I did not notice that, no. – It’s probably because– – Until you squeezed my hand. – So. (laughing) We are here with the very talented, – Don’t…

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Every deck is 26 black cards 26 red cards. You got a fantastic memory You can mix them all up and remember which ones are black and which ones are red World-champion memory experts can memorize a whole deck of cards in under a minute but I’m about to teach you how to do it…

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The most amazing card trick ever!!! By Javi Benitez on Fools Penn & Teller

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Digital Magic Kits – Chronicle of Anthony Morel on French TV Show Bourdin Direct (RMC Découverte)

It’s 6:55am “It’s already tomorrow” with Anthony Morel. Anthony then we continue our selection of Christmas. Today, we give you gift ideas that combine traditional toys and new technology. Yes, exactly what we might call augmented toys. We take classic children’s toys. And we will sprinkle them with a little touch of technology… Watch the…

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