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خدعة و الأعين مغمضة blind magic card trick

magicians depend on their sense of vision or they can see things quickly because they have fast eyes impossible but there are people say things like this And to remove this rumor I will remove a sense from my senses By this handkerchief ofcours I will not root out my eyes and i wish to…

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Wizard Rock House Concerts – Live Harry Potter music! | @laurenfairwx

We are getting ready at the wizard rock house show in Woonsocket, Rhode Island! This is an event that Brian Ross hosts at his house. you might know him from Draco and the Malfoys and he does this four times a year and his house is basically filled with wizard rock fans and friends and…

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How to Read Body Language of the Hands + Magic Trick from GelasiMagic

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(Weekly Idol EP.342) SEVENTEENセブンティン ‘AJU NICE’ Magical Choreography [셉틴의 ‘아주 NICE’한 심쿵 유발 마법의 안무]

A magic dance between ‘Heart Attack’ and ‘Very Nice’, – And, you need to catch the dance points! SVT: Okay… – You need to get the most right– Boo: “Ah yeah, Brave Sound–” when we need to start? Just go in when I start it. – Just follow me. – We’ll follow Woozi-hyung! [I believe…

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Money Risking Trick

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This is how an illusionist targets your unconscious mind | Derren Brown | Big Think

When you work I think with any sort of magic you become a very good applied psychologist just in a very niche area, which is why it’s generally magicians that are brought in to kind of test for psychic claims and that kind of thing to sort of debunk or look for that kind of…

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Wizard of Oz Trailer

Following on from their production of Grease, join Northampton Musical Theatre Company as we… #We’re off to see the Wizard, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz# venture into the land of Oz, with Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tinman and the Lion on their quest to see the Wizard. Following the 1939 classic and featuring the iconic musical numbers…

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Middle School Student Illusionist Can Make Money Float

What did I just see…? 1,000 won is in the air?! Are you for real? I don’t have psychic powers, it’s just magic! Wingardium Leviosa… 500-won coin won’t fit inside the bottle! Unless you blow on it! These 4 cards are all blank cards Flip it again, and there’s a spider web! Care to brush…

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The most amazing card trick ever!!! By Javi Benitez on Fools Penn & Teller

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Welcome back to Cool Magic ForUm! I’m real excited today guys cuz I’ve got a really cool fun trick for you guys stick around this is gonna be a good one! Good to have you here! I’m Cuz Red you can can me Cuz. Welcome to Cool Magic ForUm Tell you what if it’s your…

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