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تعلم العاب الخفة # 200 ….. egg magic tricks revealed

Hello (Peace be upon you ) in this lesson we used this elastic egg after getting the water out of the egg it will be ready for use Good in a moment we will tell you how to create it the first thing to do is piercing the egg both on top and bottom good…

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Good morning internet. So, basically this is gonna to be a vlog, cause I’m still in Florida after the Playlist Live weekend, which was super, super, super awesome. And, yeah I’ve been hanging out with a bunch of youtubers this weekend, and basically it made me realise, I should vlog more. because, I have this…

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Jon Dorenbos’ Mind-Blowing Magic

I was so blown away by our next guest the last time he was here that I got him back here as soon as I could possibly get him back here. From the Philadelphia Eagles, please welcome the magician John Dorenbos.>>[APPLAUSE] >>Congratulations, so you won, you beat the Falcons on Sunday- >>Yeah, that’s a good…

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