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Is your body just an illusion – where to find reality?

Hi, I’m Marc Gielissen. If you appreciate my work, then please subscribe and don’t forget to click the notification bell. We could ask ourselves if the world in which we live is just an illusion, some will just call it the matrix. In my book “Awakening Consciousness” I explain how we are influenced by our…

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Sam Harris: The Self is an Illusion

What one of the problems we have in discussing consciousness scientifically is that consciousness is irreducibly subjective. This is a point that many philosophers have made – Thomas Nagel, John Sorrell, David Chalmers. While I don’t agree with everything they’ve said about consciousness I agree with them on this point that consciousness is what it’s…

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PHILOSOPHY – Epistemology: Paradoxes of Perception #1 (Argument from Illusion) [HD]

(intro music) Hi! I’m Eugen Fischer, senior lecturer in philosophy at the University of East Anglia. Today, we will look at some paradoxes about perception, known as “arguments from illusion.” These arguments ask us to consider cases of non-veridical perception, where something appears different than it is. For example, when we look at round coins…

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What is Literature for?

We have a general sense that these sort of places are filled with things that are deeply important, but what exactly is literature good for? Why should we spend our time reading novels or poems when out there, big things are going on. Let’s have a think about some of the ways literature benefits us…..

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