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Identity and Violence: The Violence of Illusion with Amartya Sen

(light electronic music) – I’m William Lester, professor of chemistry and chair of the Hitchcock Professorship Committee. We’re pleased to welcome Professor Amartya Sen, this year’s speaker in the Charles M. and Martha Hitchcock lecture series. As a condition of this bequest, we’re obligated and happy to tell you how the endowment came to UC…

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L’illusione dell’innovazione – Il paradosso dell’innovazione

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L’illusion de la passion | Nicolas Beretti | TEDxCelsa

Translator: Catherine Dean Reviewer: Denise RQ I have some good news for you, since tonight’s topic is optimism. In a few minutes, you can go get a drink. Stay strong! So, when I was asked to come and talk tonight at this TEDx, I was really happy, and I thought, “Great, me too, I can…

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Magick Vs. Magic | Magick Mavryk

Merilly met I am Magick Mavryk and this is Poe and Today’s video is about the different ways to spell magic and why neo-pagans use them. So it’s pretty obvious when one is reading neo-pagan books, articles, hanging out in chat rooms, whatever that we spell the word magic “wrong” sometimes and to an untrained…

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The illusion of consciousness | Dan Dennett

So I’m going to speak about a problem that I have and that’s that I’m a philosopher. (Laughter) When I go to a party and people ask me what do I do and I say, “I’m a professor,” their eyes glaze over. When I go to an academic cocktail party and there are all the…

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The Illusion of Death

Hello friends, how are you? I’m Arith Härger and today I’m going to talk about the illusion of death the biggest illusion that death causes the end to the existence of an individual To a certain extent, indeed, but just the material existence, or rather, the end of the matter that permits the manifestation of…

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Animism & Magic

Hello everyone, how have you been? I hope I find you in good health. I’m Arith Härger and today I’m going to talk about animism and magic the importance of understanding the basics of animism and Interiorize such concepts until we change our worldviews and reshape them into one that is able to perceive nature…

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Why You Didn’t Choose If You Clicked On This Video Or Not – The Illusion Of Freewill

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Is Free Will An Illusion? – Free Will vs Determinism

Why did you click this video? You had hundreds of options, but you clicked on this one. Was it your choice? Did you do it out of your own free will? Or did every single incident in your life, over the course of your brief existence led up to this moment of you clicking this…

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Nietzsche — We Are Living in an Illusion

>Truths are illusions which we have forgotten are illusions. — Nietzsche, On Truth and Lie in a Nonmoral Sense Are we living in a lie? I look out of my window and see two orange trees. Orange trees: one concept, two entities. In reality, they’re not the same. One has 203 leaves and the other…

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