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Kelly Tries The Tablecloth-Pull Magic Trick And Totally Nails It

– Um, I’m very excited. Professor wants us, you wanna teach us, is it Newton’s first law, right? – Newton’s first law– – Okay. – It’s called the law of inertia. – Okay. – Now, you’ve seen people take the tablecloth and pull it out from underneath the dishes. – Yes. – It’s like a…

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The “Mountain Or Valley?” Illusion

Here’s a high plateau on mars, rising up above the surrounding landscape. Or… is it a system of valleys and canyonlands cut into the surrounding plains? And here’s another – is this text/image cut into the wood, or is it bumping out? Like the famous duck/rabbit illusion, it can sometimes be hard to perceive both…

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The Projector Illusion | EVERYDAY MYSTERIES

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Is time real or is it an illusion? | Michelle Thaller

Art, you’ve asked one of the most important questions in modern physics. Is time real or is it an illusion? Well, time is certainly real, but the question is, what do we mean by the word time? And it may surprise you that physicists don’t have a simple answer for that. One thing we are…

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Electrical Tricks of Biba Struja the Battery Man

Hi. Internet showed me another miracle man called Biba Struja. He started from humble beginnings. (At first glance, you would never…) He could hold live wires, and cook sausage with electricity holding wires, and set fire by sending electricity through his body. Later, he cooked more sausages and set more things on fire and also…

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5 cool math tricks ft. Technicality

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The Sticky Balloon Trick! | Physics for Kids

Want to see a really cool trick? Watch this! I’ll take this balloon… …rub it on my shirt… … gently place it on the wall…and… …ta-dah! It sticks to the wall! Thank you very much! This balloon-sticking trick might seem like magic. But it’s not at all! The balloon sticks to the wall because of…

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‘Magic’ Angle Graphene Is BACK…with an Even Bigger Twist

I have got some mega news for you, my friends, and it involves two of our favorite words: graphene and superconductors. Let’s just dive right in, shall we? To understand this latest news, we have to go back to last year. The physics world was sent into a tizzy by the discovery of a ‘magic…

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Time Is But a Stubborn Illusion – Sneak Peek | Genius

What is time? A deceptively simple question, yet it is the key to understanding relativity. It is sort of the reason my hair is going gray. [laughter] When we describe motion, we do so as a function of time, 10 meters per second, 100 miles per hour. But the mathematical description of velocity is moot…

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What If the Universe Was Just an Illusion?

What if the Universe is an illusion? What if your reality is not what it seems to be? What if you are you’re just a 2D projection stretched on the surface of a black hole? And what does a black hole have to do with all this? This is WHAT IF, and here’s what would…

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