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Pink Panther and the Magic Remote! | 56 Min Compilation | Pink Panther and Pals

(remote control beeping) (microwave pad beeping) (popcorn popping) (sucking) (sucking) (lightsaber whizzing) (objects shatter) (gulps) (sucking) (electricity crackling) (electricity crackling) (explosion) (cell phone beeps) (dial tone) (muttering) (shuts off cell phone) (doorbell rings) (engine revs, horn honks) (celestial tones) ♪ (squeaking and muttering) (monkey chatters) (flatulence) (chittering) (shrieks) (item rubbing against package) (triumphant tone) (remote…

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Pink Panther Gets Into Mischief! | 35 Minutes of His Most Chaotic Capers

(Pink Panther Theme) ♪ ♪ (horns honk) (motor whirs) (motor sputters) (motor whirs) (motor meows and hisses) (motor sputters) (whistle blows) (motor whirs) (motor sputters) (coughs) (growls) (sirens blare) (motor sputters, whirs) (motor sputters, stops) (ignition stalls) (horns honk angrily) (sirens blare) HMM. (whistle blows furiously) (coughs) (sirens wail) (grumbles) (sigh) (bang, horse neighs) (bangs,…

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