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Food Cooking Magic Story for Kids from Steve and Maggie | Speaking Wow English TV Story Time Lessons

Yeah! Haha. Hihi. Oh hey, Hello boys and girls. Hello. Haha. What am I doing? Haha. Yeah. I am cooking and today, I am making a pizza. This is going to be a (mwah) Perfect pizza. Only the things I like will go on this pizza but I need to roll out the pizza dough…

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Trick or Treat – Aaron’s Animals

Ah, me luv tv. This better be my pizza. How me make them go away? Oh right, candy! Good riddance! Pizza? Dog with wings? Leave! Dog with antenna? Leave faster!! IF THIS ISN’T MY PIZZ– Oooohhhhh. This not pizza… Phil, wut is going–oooohhhhh. Me must make girl cats happy! Goodby nintindo switch! Lifft with legs…

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Informe Todos Conectados – Magic Kids Online

Que haces chabon todo bien? Bienvenidos al primer video oficial del canal Magic Kids Online Este video se titula “Todos Conectados” Como ustedes saben Magic Kids tubo una gran variedad de producciones propias. Desde programas interactivos como A Jugar con Hugo, Kito Pizzas, y Throut and Neck. Y otros como El club del anime, Nivel…

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