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A Review of GEM Playmats for Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon, and other Tabletop Games

When it comes to gaming mats for Magic: the Gathering, Pokemon, and many other games, often times, the significant difference is really just the quality of printing in regards to the art on the surface of the mat itself. This is because play mats are almost entirely following the same formula: that of a rubber,…

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MTG – 5 Magic: The Gathering Life Hacks To Buying Products And Accessories For New Players!

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What Is The Best Deck Box For Magic: The Gathering? Compare & Contrast: Ultra PRO MTG

When it comes to deck boxes for Magic The Gathering There’s a surprising diversity of choice. Many different companies make many different kinds of deck box. But by far the largest producer of these is Ultra Pro. I’d like to examine only Ultra Pro deck boxes today, with such a wide variety, some are better…

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MTG – How To Evaluate Magic: The Gathering Cards (Eldritch Moon Preview / Spoiler Card)

Wow, there are sure a lot of Magic: the Gathering cards to choose from. But how do you know which ones to pick? Understanding how to evaluate Magic: the Gathering cards can be a tricky task. There are over 295 Magic: the Gathering cards for you to compare and contrast. So how do you know…

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MTG – Which Are The Best Playmat Tubes, Cases, and Bags for Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon, and more?

Transporting and storing your playmats for Magic: the Gathering, Pokémon, and other games is not always a straightforward as rolling up your mat and cramming it in your backpack. Playmats can become creased, warped, stained, and otherwise damaged if not cared for properly. And this is especially important if you have a special playmat such…

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Tibalt, The Worst Planeswalker – A Magic: The Gathering Lore Analysis

Существует странный и действительно неожиданный аспект в создании MtG, заключающийся в том, что приемлемость и признание игроками, зачастую зависит от механики карты Чем сильнее и лучше карта в игре тем популярности и известности она получает Это может сильно разочаровывать создателей MtG Когда превосходные, мастерски сделанные части Создаются для “плохих” картам Некоторые игроки оценивают качество работы…

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MTG – The New Player’s Guide To Drafting Magic: The Gathering Cards

The new players guide to drafting Magic the Gathering [draft] is quite possibly the most popular way to play Magic the gathering If you want to go down to your local store and play Friday [night] [magic] It is highly likely that the format will be draft So what is draft draft is where players…

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MTG – Free for everyone! EVERY Magic: The Gathering product and accessory GRADE EVER!

Oh! Hello. Have you ever wanted a concise list of every single product Tolarian Community College has reviewed with the appropriate grade and a link to the corresponding review video? No!? Are you sure? I thought a lot of — well you might have not wanted it, but many Magic: the Gathering players did and…

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What’s The Best MTG Deck Boxes & Vaults? Compare Ultra Pro, Legion, & Aaron Cain – Magic: Gathering

When it comes to deck boxes for Magic the Gathering and other trading card games, there’s a vast array of choices So much so, that my first two deck box videos still only scratch the surface of what’s out there This video will primarily compare and contrast deck vaults such as the UltrPro deluxe ProTower…

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MTG – The New Player’s Guide To Magic The Gathering Open House

a player’s guide to magic open house have you ever wanted to learn Magic the Gathering but don’t know where to start or where to go has it been years since you picked up your last magic deck slum your most recent spell and you’d like to get back into the game the magic open…

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