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Beat Anyone at Poker || Learn a Trick Used by Penn &Teller on Seth Myers

Thank God Then choices they’re all yours. Hi. I’m John Bannon, and we’re going to talk about power of poker So here’s what happens. You have a prediction that you’ve written They don’t know that yet but a student playing site you have ten cards when you tell the spectators they get to make every…

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Magic Trick – Poker Test (Themis Magic World #17)

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Poker Night in America | S5 E4 | The Wizard

– [Narrator] From the Rivers Property in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania this is Poker Night in America. (bright music) – Hello and welcome to Poker Night in America. We are finishing up day two at Rivers in Pittsburgh. – You guys are going to want to make sure you’ve got a full drink for this one. Dude…

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Playing Cards Wizard

Hi I’m Nash, producer from Iluzija Animation Studio Although this project doesn’t have anything to do with animation we had the opportunity during one of our projects, to create a custom deck playing cards. So our illustrator created images for the kings, queens etc. and our designer prepared signs, numbers, letters and all necessary elements….

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All About Three Card Poker with Michael “Wizard of Odds” Shackleford

hi and welcome to our instructional video that is designed to make you smarter gambler my name is Steve Bourie on the author of the American casino guide which is the number one bestselling book in the US on the subject of casino gambling and travel and the only book that comes with more than…

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DEALT – Official Trailer [HD]

A mechanic is somebody who can fix something. An auto mechanic fixes a car, a body mechanic is a professional killer. I’m a card mechanic I can fix a card game. Ace of cards Richard Turner. He can do things with cards no one else can do. He’s a trickster! He’s demonstrating the moves used…

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Street Magic in Bochum (Germany) – Bermudadreieck | Jumping Card | Marc Sueper

Different Cards, no dups 52 different cards, now just 51, one you’ve already got… pick one of these cards any you would like I’m allowed to see the card and also show it to everyone around I’m allowed to see, doesn’t matter Do you want to sign the card, wich makes it unique in this…

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A Magical Night in Las Vegas

excited happy birthday Jeff oh thank you yeah how old are you 36 36 all right guys let’s all thank you the reason why we’re doing this what is this then we take the bones to the back chop them up and deep-fry them send them back Cory I’m sorry yeah tonight have a basic…

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Magical Black Hole – How Magicians make things disappear Magic Trick

today I want to try something I’ve seen in a movie a few weeks ago and I still don’t get it maybe you do but let me show you there and watch this guy he had a playing card with a hole in it like this one you could see right through the hole but…

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How to MASTER the perfect shuffle! // Faro shuffle & Magic trick tutorial

– All right, guys. Hold on! Before you go anywhere, this is not gonna be a boring tutorial. Today I’m gonna teach you not only how to perfectly interweave a deck of cards together in a perfect shuffle, but I’m also gonna teach you a little bit of the history behind the mathematics and behind…

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